Wonder Girls New York Diary 080228 (36 pictures)

MTV Korea website has uploaded another batch of pictures this afternoon with 36 pictures of the Wonder Girls going on a MTV/TRL studio tour, looking at their very own “Wonder Girls” board in Times Square, visiting a Walt Disney shop, touring the streets of New York, reading menu at a cafe.

Looking into the MTV/TRL studio

Wonder Girls posing in front of studio logo

See the advertising board behind, it’s MTV Wonder Girls S3 Preview! 

VJ Lindsey Rodriguez was their guide at Times Square

Nice depth-of-focus shot of Sun Mi

Sun Mi again

and again!

Sun Ye’s turn

and again

Sun Mi on the streets of New York

첨부 이미지

Sun Mi deciding what to eat from the menu

첨부 이미지

Mak PD and Sun Ye

첨부 이미지

Download (4shared)

password: wondergirls.wordpress.com

All pictures are zipped up for you to download them at one shot! “The JYP Tour erupts tomorrow and they will be moving to Los Angeles thereafter.


22 thoughts on “Wonder Girls New York Diary 080228 (36 pictures)

  1. Thanks you so much! I didn’t thought that you were going to answer so fast 🙂
    And that one too doesn’t work >.<

    Otherwise, I just wanted to say to you that you were the best source of Wonder Girls with your channel and blog, I think there so much people who knows them because of you !
    Their success in foreign coutries is because of you, you did so much stuff(?,things?). And I am one of the biggest fan of YEH&KJK because of you, you subbed so many videos of them, I can't resist to watch them again and again !And a big fan of YEH too, she's my favourite actress !
    In short, I just wanted to thanks you so much for what you did ! You were/are/will always be; the BEST for me !

    Very sorry for all mistakes, I don't speak english well, and when I say "because of" it's really not negative but positive, I didn't find a good translation for "c'est grâce à toi"(french) I found "thanks to "…" " But I don't know if it's that word.

    Thanks so much !

  2. coolsmurf:

    Thanks for the info. That’s why I keep wondering that some of the voice in their album sounds like Yoo Bin’s.

  3. I got the same thing too ILoveSunMi, at first…

    You probably just need to “allow” scripts at FlyUpload, which is what I did and it worked…

  4. they look good.
    where can i watch the little clip they showed on times square? is it the same one with the clips of them dressed as something in america?

    thanks for the pics dude

  5. I can’t seem to download the ZIP file,
    when i do, it’s just a blank little notepad file
    labeled as “dl”

  6. @soheelubber, thanks for the correction, greatly appreciated!

    @aoikage, PD = producer, NG = no good. They had only 1 single and 1 album. So Yoo Bin was not in the single but in the album. Hyun Ah left around June/July I think. She actually recorded some songs but left before completion.

    Thanks for the compliment ^.^

  7. The girls are just soooo cute…I start liking So Hee now hahaha…the one that I hated the most.

    Btw, I have been wondering about these questions for some time:
    1. What is PD? What is NG?
    2. Is Yoo Bin in WG first album at all? Hyun Ah left so early, right? And the album came after she left?

    Coolsmurf, I didn’t know u’re gonna be this awesome…너무 너무 멋있다…!

  8. aha cute pictures~
    sunmi is a silly cutie ^___^

    they’re holding naked juice!!! it’s so good =) so many people drink it at my university =)

  9. aww they look so cute… they make me miss New York! summer come fast please…

    it would’ve been nice if they were introduced on TRL though, but lets not rush things…

  10. ohh mann. these girls really know how to live it up in New York. Serendipity! thats really goood goood ice cream.

    i wonder if they like the American Way of greeting people. hugging and stuff with bobo. ^^

    hehe. i cant wait. they are coming here! ^^

  11. lol oohhh….i was like..”can she read the newspaper?” thanks for the info soheelubber.

    and i was surprised to see their promo on a big screen like that.. wonder if people knew what it was! haha

  12. that’s actually not a newspaper — it’s a menu from the restaurant Serendipity. It’s a yummy dessert place!!

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