Wonder Girls New York Diary 080227 (13 pictures)

Another upload on MTV Korea website this afternoon sees 13 pictures of Wonder Girls visiting the MTV Store and basically picking up some memorabilia.

Nice advert by Yoo Bin for MTV

첨부 이미지

So Hee smiling for the camera, probably filming

So Hee again, this time looking lost (?)

Lovely Sun Ye smile

Yoo Bin telling us something

Wonder Girls group photo

Random shot of So Hee listening to her Ipod (?)

Download (4shared)

password: wondergirls.wordpress.com

All pictures are zipped up for you to download them at one shot! “The JYP Tour erupts this coming Friday and they will be moving to Los Angeles thereafter.

7 thoughts on “Wonder Girls New York Diary 080227 (13 pictures)

  1. Lol, So Hee smiling\!?
    Thats not a smile
    But I like the last picture of her listening to her ipod. Thats more a smile! xD

  2. Haha, Yoobin’s message too fun 😀
    And Sohee has really nice earphones 😀 By all this Sobin, Yoohee love I could think that that ipod is Yoobin’s :D:D

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