Wonder Girls “Clean and Fair Elections” Website

Remember the earlier news about the Wonder Girls being appointed as ambassadors by the National Election Committee for their “Clean and Fair Elections” campaign just before their departure for New York?

The National Election Committee hasn’t just been mopping around awaiting their return to fulfil their ambassador duties. They have created a website with many pictures of the Wonder Girls which they had taken before they left for America I guess. Just screenshots as these are the only alternatives.

You can visit National Election Committee website to see the full flash.

11 thoughts on “Wonder Girls “Clean and Fair Elections” Website

  1. i like you all but most of all i hope you visit in our country.
    i like the girl…because she look like the pottery girl in bof

  2. yeah!beautiful GIRLS in the world^^
    We few boys will love WonderGirls forever^^<3
    all english!:o..
    your my bestfriend but you can be my girlfriend..
    i want somebody somebody but you^^
    tell you tell me and tell one boy you loveT.T
    WonderGirls are The Big Bite angel^^
    it’s not easy to find beautiful girls same you^^
    will meet youT.T
    we favorite song and single it’s WonderGirlsakon<—-
    have you msn or skype???T.T
    YuBin good in to say ¨I LOVE YOU¨in thailand^^

    we LOVE you WonderGirls<3

  3. haha look at yoobin she want me to call her haha the only thing missing is there area code then ill call =D New York friday to see them woot Frist Row oh and Frist Comment

    I love SoHee

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