So Hee is No.2 choice as a possible figure skater

Tae Yeon, leader of Korean girl group, So Nyeo Shi Dae was the top choice of voters who picked her as the most suitable female artiste to be a figure skater.

In a poll conducted by from 14th to 20th February to find out the female artiste who would best fit the role of a figure skater, Tae Yeon was the number one choice as she obtained 1,650 out of a possible 4,018 votes.

So Nyeo Shi Dae’s “Kissing You” and Tae Yeon’s solo “If” (OST Hong Gil Dong) have been enjoying immense popularity recently.

So Hee of Wonder Girls was placed second with 1,319 votes. She has just graduated from middle school and finished promoting her debut movie, “I Like it Hot”. Her movie role has won her good reviews although it didn’t do very well at the Korean box office. She is now currently in New York, America with her fellow Wonder Girls to participate in “The JYP Tour”.

In third place was Nam Gyu Ri from SeeYa with 462 votes while Bae Seul Gi was 4th with 330 votes. Park Jung Ah rounded up the top 5 with 257 votes.


3 thoughts on “So Hee is No.2 choice as a possible figure skater

  1. What a random poll… This is definitely the most random one I’ve seen yet! Definitely could see the top 2 as figure skaters, although I’m not so sure about Nam Gyuri…

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