Even in New York, Wonder Girls is still of interest to many

Everything that Wonder Girls always turns out to be a hotly discussed topic back in Korea. Soon after pictures of them were posted on MTV Korea website preparing a dinner party, it was swiftly picked on by netizens and discussed.

The Wonder Girls had secretly prepared a party for their production team colleagues involved in the production of their “Wishing on a Star” MV. They decorated their studio apartment with balloons and also got “dirty” in the kitchen. Cooking was fun because the members of the group had a “competition” on who among them cooks the best. It was known that Sun Ye and Yoo Bin were quite good at cooking. The party’s menu includes New York style steak, salad, chocolate cake and Sun Ye and Yoo Bin’s “bacon rice cake.”

Their actions moved the production team. From salted meat wrapped around new year cakes to fried new year cake, it amply showed us the excellent cullinary skills of Wonder Girls and amazes everyone. (Source)

Park Jin Young who is overall in charge of the Wonder Girls expressed, “Even though New York is pretty chilly now, Wonder Girls have showed me a serious professional attitude about them,” generously lavishing praise on them.

Filming of “Wishing on a Star” MV was successfully completed a few days ago and Wonder Girls will soon appear as guests on “The JYP Tour” on 29th February. Production of the MV plus the Wonder Girls trip to New York will be covered in MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 starting 7th March. You can also get a preview of the girls in New York by visiting MTV Boombox.


12 thoughts on “Even in New York, Wonder Girls is still of interest to many

  1. Does anyone know where I can watch season 2? I saw season 1 on youtube, but couldnt find season 2..If someone can provide a link or something, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in Advance

  2. aww.. but they must be used to cooking for themselves since they live by themselves and all…

    i guess they are not forgetting about them in korea, which is a good thing…

    but i hope they do release some pics and videos if cameras aren’t allowed in the show…

    have fun you guys…

  3. i thought it was only no camera for the other concert, not the ny one. does anyone know how many songs wonder girls get to perform, is it only tell me? yes please whoever is going help fellow fans so we can see the performance =)

  4. oh, and about the cameras, i went to a rain concert at the same place two years ago and they SAID no cameras, but really everyone brought them anyway and they didn’t confiscate anything. not sure if it’s the same now though.

  5. it good to no that the girl can cook for them self haha well good luck in new york even tho im seeing them on the 29th at there concert wooo Frist row baby!!!

    I love Sohee

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