Wonder Girls New York Diary 080225 (5 pictures) + other unrelated extras

This is the follow-up to the previous ones I posted earlier. I think it’s from from their feast at their apartment. But it’s more like a small party for everyone (colleagues, etc) involved in their trip to New York.

첨부 이미지첨부 이미지첨부 이미지첨부 이미지첨부 이미지

Suprise Bonus courtesy of Super Junior

This is a screencap from the second episode of SBS new program, “Change” shown yesterday. Anyway to cut the long story short, they were at Super Junior dorm and subsequently went into Hee Chul’s and Lee Teuk’s room. See something familiar in the background? (This show is pretty interesting btw)

Wonder Girls ’08 TBJ Spring Collection pictures and video were released last week and cutegiurl has already uploaded them, so just click and download!


11 thoughts on “Wonder Girls New York Diary 080225 (5 pictures) + other unrelated extras

  1. thanks so much for sharing and its good to know that even suju loves them hehehehe(not to forget the ‘tell me’ dance they did before)

  2. they really are korea’s little sisters aren’t they? everyone has a poster these days lol jk

    i really liked watching the new “change” show….i think someone is barely starting to sub it on youtube but since he/she is a new subber, it’s taking a bit longer than usual. still, it’s nice to know what’s being talked about! 😀

  3. awww they’re so cute !
    and so nice ^^;
    im happy taht they are having a good time lols
    and ermm hmm gosh i wish i was there lols
    andd i love that poster of them lols
    heechul and leeteukie hahaha so adorable lols
    i love that heechul lovs wondergirls lols
    thanks for sharing =D

  4. aww… Mark PD!!! i love that guy.. it looks like yoobin and sohee are getting closer…nice

    @Gen.. PD stands for producer

    lol at Super Junior… I know 9 girls crying their hearts out right now…

    Have you guys seen that episode from “Hot Blood”, where theres is the same wondergirls poster near one of the guys bed?? i thought that was really cute… and they even had a “tell me” performance, which was hilarious… (xwonderbangx has it subbed)

  5. Omg, yes that’s Mark PD! The best friend of Sohee :D:D:D I love the pic where Sohee poures wine in Mark PD’s glass 😀 And Sohee and Yoobin seem to have gotten a lot more closer (in the recent NY pics they often stand next to each other!)
    In one UFO message to Yoobin sb wrote: Are you close with Sohee? and Yoobin answered with: Of course I’m close with Sohee!!!! Why does everybodythink that I’m not close with Sohee??

  6. If I’m not wrong, that’s the same PD who made the first two seasons of WG Show on MTV.
    That’s great because he had such a great feeling with the girls.

  7. Any news of when they be back to Skorea?

    Seems to be having withdrawal from lack of new performance by the WGs 🙂

  8. Hahaha Heechul !!
    Well in Khun and Taek’s room as well same poster !

    around 4.40 and 5.20 🙂

    Our WG among boys LOL

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