Wonder Girls New York Diary 080224 (41 pictures)

MTV Korea just uploaded their second batch of pictures of the Wonder Girls who are probably having a good time in New York amidst their busy filming schedule. Posted some of my favourite shots and the rest are zipped for you to download. There are 41 photos of the Wonder Girls visiting Tiffany & Co, getting their manicures and pedicures, visiting the supermarket and then shots of them in their studio apartment whipping up a meal and eating it. (Reminds me of the time when I was in Oklahoma doing the same thing like them)

Did they watch this?

첨부 이미지

Wonder Girls @ Tiffany & Co

첨부 이미지첨부 이미지첨부 이미지첨부 이미지

Wonder Girls getting their manicures/pedicures

첨부 이미지첨부 이미지첨부 이미지첨부 이미지첨부 이미지

Wonder Girls @ Han Ah Reum Supermarket (32nd St, Manhattan)
Thanks to Ella_Kwan@soompi for ID.

첨부 이미지첨부 이미지첨부 이미지

Wonder Girls cooking up a feast @ their studio apartment

첨부 이미지첨부 이미지첨부 이미지첨부 이미지첨부 이미지

Download (4shared)

password: wondergirls.wordpress.com

All 41 pictures are zipped up for you to download them at one shot! It seems like you stand a better chance of spotting them if you are in the vicinity of Manhattan. Only a few more days in New York before they move to Los Angeles so all the best to all Wonderfuls trying to spot them!


24 thoughts on “Wonder Girls New York Diary 080224 (41 pictures)

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  3. hi sun ye you know you are ugly girl in the world and your group is so very very ugly i think you are poor in you is child i think too………

  4. we love you wonder girls
    and i love you Sohee.
    Hi Sun,Yubin,Mimi,Sohee and Yenny
    i love you so much .
    we love you again

  5. Hi 🙂 I know that “Wonder Girls Wonderland” is not really active but a lot of link for download pictures of Wonder Girls’s Diary in NY are dead ;_;
    So may you re-upload it please

  6. @akon, yes i was in oklahoma for a short period of time and I think they are living in studio apartments because there’s a kitchen.

    @ilove, they used a DSLR camera, Canon EOS 40D, quite high-end…

    @jcwondergirlssuperfan, Wishing on a Star MV comes out on 5th March, MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 on 7th March. It’s next week by the way!

    @bawoo, official website

  7. Does anyone know their official homepage? I’m curious as to see why it’s so difficult to find it, besides the massive amounts of comments and stuff, but if someone could give me a link or something..Thanks in Advance!

  8. wow can’t wait to see mtv season 3 i’ve seen season 2 and it was pretty good, sunmi got her hair dyed? wow awesome! i live in georgia, wish i could be in new york in a couple of days to see the wonder girls u.s.a . debut…hmm…well still think da wondergirlz are great, and could anyone tell me, tell me, tell tell tell tell tell tell me when mtv season 3 come out?


  9. how cute! i hope they are not the ones paying for the rings and pedicure! mtv should pay for it! lol. hehe. ^^

    but lucky.. they have a nice apartment! pretty and clean!
    i wonder how they like living in NY.

  10. Wooah…they’re spending some money already! Can’t wait to watch the season!

    On a sidenote, you were in Oklahoma Alvin? O_O

  11. SunMi looks like she’s drinking IZI it’s an orange soda sort of thing. And it looks like they’re in the hanareum in k-town….cute pics! i thought it was weird tho—they’re eating pork & beans haha…from the can.

  12. the supermarket they were in looks like the one in korea town 32st.

    sunmi is not drinking alcohol, she is drinking a popular soda drink over here, its very expensive.

    they look they are enjoying themselves over here! yay! its more like a vacation for them than work which is great for them =)

    i want their Tiffany & Co. rings!! lols

  13. The question is : Who is drinking wine ?

    In the others photos, sunmi is drinking something, is that beer ? (I don’t live in the states, it must be a soft drink I don’t know…)

    I’m waiting for the show to be broadcasted. Maybe Coolsmurf will translated them (You did already so much for the non-korean speaking people )

    Again, thanks for the photos.

  14. Man i took a bus from Springfield Ma to NY just to goo look for them and i brought 2 friends and i paid for there ticket and it came to 200 dolla and all that still didnt get to see them =[

  15. yay im first ! ^^;
    anywho, they looked like they had a blast !
    gah im so madddd lols
    i was there yesterday and didnt get to seee them! ><; lols
    but yeah they look so cute !
    id love to be that lady who was able to take a picture with them at tiffany & co.
    andddd id love it if my parents owned that nail salon they went to, cuz you know, viet people are the nail peoples lol
    if i met them at the supermarket, id scream lols
    and if i was able to eat dinner with them, id die happily lols
    anywho, i’ll stop now lols
    thanks for sharing ^^;

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