Wonder Girls meets Matthew Fox in person!

The recent news that Wonder Girls had met “Lost” television series star, Matthew Fox in America has become a hot topic of discussion in Korea.

On 20th February, Wonder Girls together with their producer/boss, Park Jin Young attended the New York Premiere of Hollywood movie, “Vantage Point”. According to a JYPE spokesperson, Wonder Girls got to meet “Lost” star, Matthew Fox after finishing watching the movie. Matthew Fox who is one of the main characters in the movie, “Vantage Point”, came to prominence in his role as Jack in the television series, “Lost” and is extremely popular in America.

The meeting was arranged by Park Jin Young who knew Matthew Fox very well during his time in America. Wonder Girls expressed, “Our eyes never left the screen, we were all totally immersed into the concise plot and fast-paced storyline. We are very happy to have watched the movie first before it’s shown around the world. This New York trip has been really meaningful thus far.”

They added, “We really like Matthew Fox and are very happy to see him in person”, as the joy on their faces said it all. Matthew Fox even hummed Wonder Girls hit song, “Tell Me” making it a very enjoyable atmosphere for all.


14 thoughts on “Wonder Girls meets Matthew Fox in person!

  1. That movie was irritating because it kept showing different vantage points… like… Idk it was irritating after the 5th one. They had at least 10 -_- But I’m glad they enjoyed it 🙂 And I’m glad they enjoyed meeting Matthew Fox 🙂 And I agree–It’s insane how many connections JYP has!

  2. Dude, that movie sucked. I watched it the day it came out, and I have an extreme disliking for it. It was so bad. I’m not that jealous that they went to the premiere, but I agree that JYP just has endless connections with people. It’s crazy!

  3. Aww.. that was cute when he hummed to “tell me”, but i still kinda hate that WG watched the movie first.


    And is it me or does sohee seem kinda annoying? I like yeEun (or whatevr) better!


    and whats with the new style ?< BAM~~

    oh of course, they had a new photo shoot and someone like me, (im not a stalker) should’ve known that. pshuuu^^duh.

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  5. OMG, I’m so happy and jealous for them at the same time. They met MATTHEW FOX, OMG! I love that man and he is by far by favorite character in LOST! My two favorite people together, WG and Matthew Fox. T__T I want to meet him. XD

  6. aww thats so cute !
    they mustve been really happy lols
    im so happy for them !
    man i was in new york today and i was hoping to see them !
    but i didnt see anyone, i got so depressed lols
    but yeah im glad that they are enjoying their stay in america so far .
    i hope they come to boston, just for fun ^^;
    afterall its only a 4 hour ride lols XD
    thanks for sharingg =D

  7. JYP announced in the press conference that he is only taking Sohee but in the end he still took all [: haha
    omg Matt hummed tell me! the girls must be so damn happy. JYP’s endless connection opens up opportunities for the girls.

  8. So they watched the movie in english 🙂
    Good that they understand it all ! I hope we can hear them speaking english on MTV WG !

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