Wonder Girls America debut?; Matthew Fox & Wesley Snipes are Wonder Girls fans!

At “The JYP Tour” press conference earlier this week, JYP expressed that he might push for the Wonder Girls to debut in America!

Singer and producer Lil Jon apparently suggested this idea to Park Jin Young. JYP said during the press conference, “I never had the intention of pushing the Wonder Girls to debut on the American music scene. This idea came from a top American music producer, Lil Jon. The music cultures of America and Korea have some similar elements, so I hope that Wonder Girls youthful cute image can win the acknowledgement of the American market. The unique strong Asian rythmns could be the door to entering the American market.”

Actors Matthew Fox and Wesley Snipes are big fans of the Wonder Girls!

Matthew Fox (Lost) and Park Jin Young are good friends and met secretly in Korea early this year in January. He showed him the “Tell Me” video and loved it. He said “After hearing the song and watching the video, I was so excited to meet the girls.” He also said Yoo Bin is “sexy”. Wesley Snipes was at JYP “Bad Party” Concert in Korea and was dancing right along to the “Tell Me” dance.

Credit: tomjones@soompi


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls America debut?; Matthew Fox & Wesley Snipes are Wonder Girls fans!

  1. If they’re going to debut in America, they should definitely sing in English the whole time. Most people aren’t going to listen to a Korean song even if it is good because they’re close minded. So if they are planning to debut in America they should seriously consider singing in English the entire time. For example Tokio Hotel. They’re German and they made it big in America by singing in English. I like Korean music but most people will immediately shut it off once they hear it.

  2. omg
    another american debut
    iom actually hopign they do make a debut and succeed
    as to english
    it would be better just to release the korean version
    bu then again americans dont understadn it
    how good are there english???
    there such a great group and liek if they could sing fluent;ly in english they would probably make irt!~ just a lot of promotion and ad and a lil getting used to idk if america is used to cute catchy songs like tell me.
    the so hot they should also release lol. hahaha im imaginign americans going around going im so hot. which i think will NEVER happen lol but still i hope they do break thru american music market~

  3. what??
    it’ll be cool but i am worried!
    please let them not go the hollywood “good girls” have gone!
    but i want to see them succeed too!!

    ah!!! better brace myself!!

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  6. mathew foz and wesley snipes. dang thats something.
    i dont know about making it here.. but
    english is a must. i dont know how good our girls are.
    but something tells me that JYP is just being arrogant when he said that WG can make it in US. ehhh.

  7. i thnk wonder girls can make it….their pretty
    i like the beat of the song its addictive…all they need to to adjust some dance moves here and there…and yeah….i willl make it a single..because it has a different sound…they dont have to make it sexy..it could still be cute…but not childish..i dunno..but yeah and they could still have a 80s thing going on too cuz isn’t the 80 back here ?? in term of how ppl dress and watnot…like leggings and so on

    i thnk the problem with g-soul and min is that they dont have a new sound and their music sound like wats already out there..really…..but the tell me song has a different sound and there fore will CAN make it

  8. WOW! That’s really cool but BIG NO-NO! Look at G-Soul & Min, it’s 2008 already and no sign of their singles/album in the American market. I think PJY should push WG more into the Asian markets first because their fan bases are growing fast here.

    FYI: WG was ranked #6 in top 10 in Thailand that has the most fans and they’re the ONLY girl artist in it ^^

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