Wonder Girls drops out of 2008 Peace Concert

Wonder Girls will be part of the star-studded line-up of Korean performers at the 1st-ever annual 2008 Peace Concert in Los Angeles on 5th April.

Promotional Poster

1st-ever 2008 Peace Concert

What: 2008 Peace Concert
Where: Galen Center @ USC in LA (3400 S. Figueroa Street, LA 90089)
When: April 5th, 2008 @ 6PM

How to Buy Tickets:
Tickets will be on sale starting Friday, February 8th.
JoongAng Ticket Center
Phone # for tickets: (213) 368-2522 or (213) 368-2590

Package Deals:

VIP ($300): R Seat ticket, $25 parking, Invitation + free admission to After Party with Stars (nightclub in Downtown LA, undecided), Invitation to cocktail party with Stars (Marriott banquet hall, next day).

VIP PLUS ($450): VIP seat ticket, $25 parking, invitation + free admission to After Party with Stars, Invitation to cocktail party with Stars + VIP table seating @ cocktail party, Dress Rehearsal Pass, Brunch with the Entertainers.

LOCAL HOTEL PACKAGE ($300/night + package deal price):
3 nights minimum, $300 per room per night, Marriott Downtown Hotel, April 4th thru 6th, Double Occupancy.

Ticket Prices:

VIP seats (yellow) $240
R seats (orange) $120
S seats (green) $100
A seats (pink) $70
B seats (blue) $40

10% off bulk orders of 10 or more tickets
Click here to see virtual seating chart

Host: Lee Da Hae

To win tickets, visit Soompi.com and also for updated performers list
For discussion and if you want to find someone to go with, visit Soompi Forums.

Unlike “The JYP Tour” whose ticket sales aren’t selling that well, the sales for the Peace Concert is likely to be selling like hotcakes seeing the performers list, so do not hesitate if you have the $$$ and time, not to be missed!


21 thoughts on “Wonder Girls drops out of 2008 Peace Concert

  1. omg
    i wanna goo !
    but i dont really speak korean so idk.aha
    and im not korean. but i really wanna see themm!
    that VIP thing iss awsommee!
    so wg is not going anymore???

  2. gee…i reallie attend this peace concert. i almost had a heart attack when i saw the poster. i wish there is a way to get a VIP ticket cuz i reallie want to see what a korean star looks like. (in person i mean). sigh~~~

  3. Sorry to break the news, but WG will not be attending the concert. I just called Revolution Entertainment and they said that Wondergirls will not be there.

  4. anybody needs peace concert tickets?
    i bought it for 120 dollars?

    but i think i cant go.
    so if u need it please comment!

  5. boo…i wish i had 300$ to blow on seeing ft island…hopefully they’ll get cheaper as they visit USA more…(i can dream can’t i?) lol…but i’m not korean, i just love fti, so i dunno if i would really belong with the crowd at that concert, i don’t even kno the other bands.. :[

  6. the price for JYP’s concert at NY is around 40-140$ hehe more affordable than this one. but a bit too pricey if you are only going for WG. hehe. but.. i am sure that when you get there.. your seat will be upgraded or something.. refunds.. coz its not selling well.

    LA is another story. there’s more koreans here soo hmmm (*but maybe they dont like JYP*). the prices are 50-150$.


  7. will lee da hae be hosting in english?

    i’d love to her converse in english. she’d lived in sydney after all, so it’d be refreshing to hear some aussie accent.

    just like how i like listening to jung rye won converse in english in My name is Kim Sam Soon. Woot.

    Lee Da hae pretty! =)

  8. @jaime, it sounds weird to know that someone is my fan. i would really love to go and see them live. heard that JYP tour not doing so well ticket sales wise.

  9. akon. if you want ill take you to the JYP concert. hehe. its cheaper and less crowded. ^^ i read that its not selling as good. soo i bet they will drop the prices lol. a cheaper way to get to WG.
    heck, if alvin/coolsmurf wants to come, ill take you too. im a coolsmurf fan too! =)

  10. I’m actually only about 30 minutes away but I don’t think I have the time or money to go. Slightly depressing since it sounds great but maybe next year? Hopefully they’ll return.

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