Wonder Girls New York Diary 080220 (4 + 6 pictures)

Edit: Added new itSens picture of So Hee, click for bigger resolution.
(not included in download file)

Following MTV Korea’s huge photo release of the Wonder Girls in New York, more pictures have been released today courtesy of itSens and some lucky fans (i think). As usual, the pictures are too big so I just post some of my favourites and all are zipped for you! All pictures credit as tagged.

So Hee & lucky Wonder Girls fan

Wonder Girls in New York

Ye Eun striking an aeroplane pose

Sun Mi acting dorky as So Hee looks away

Sun Mi randomness as she hugs a human size “Status of Liberty”

Yoo Bin poses for the camera

Sun Ye fiddling with her camera

Download (4shared)

password: wondergirls.wordpress.com

MTV Korea’s official website have removed 22 pictures from the original 48 and only 26 pictures remain. So lucky for you and me, we got all 48 pictures.


20 thoughts on “Wonder Girls New York Diary 080220 (4 + 6 pictures)

  1. hey is it possible that someone could please upload the pictures again? it would really appreciate it, esp the first 48 from the prior post! i dl it a long time ago but i must have deleted them or something cuz they are nowhere to be found. o_o

    again, thank you!

  2. Does anyone know where they will be in Times square or what time?I was walking around like an idiot today from 5-8PM and I couldnt find them >.>.
    Does anyone want to go with me? hehe

  3. oh i forgot

    @ lydia

    coolsmurf’s previous post listed where they would be staying. to quote him,

    “It looks like they are filming and enjoying themselves!!! Try to spot them for those breathing the same air as them in New York! They are staying at AKA Times Square @ 123 W. 44th ST. Might want to try your luck there!”

  4. @ christina

    yes, you need a program to open or “unzip” the file.

    you have different choices but i recomment either “winrar” or “7-zip”

    google the names for download sites or you can go to cnet’s download.com

  5. Hey do you happen to know where they will be because I would be happy to meet them.. and ususally i never get to mmet any kroean celebs in NY.. just cause i’m outside of the loop! haha if anyone know.. please tell

  6. awww…
    sun mi there’s room for you in my pocket…hop in.. 😛
    looking forward to “wishing on a star” mv.. their concept doesn’t look that different…

  7. thanks for the pictures!
    and I’m going to nyc on friday, to the met! I live in northern NJ, and seeing them in places we’re familiar with is really exciting

  8. thanks cools! can i call you that?..>.<

    sun mi is so dorky..i love all sun mi’s pictures.

    sun ye always with her camera. ( i’m a Sony fan )

    everybody looks good..

    the making for wishing on a star MV looks great.

    all of them looks lovely like angels.

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