Wonder Girls New York Diary 080219 (48 pictures)

Wonder Girls are now in New York presently and MTV Korea has updated their official website with 48 pictures of them. It looks like more candids would definitely be uploaded onto there in future and this is the only way we can see the Wonder Girls and get updates on their whereabouts in America. Posted some of my favourite shots and the rest are zipped for you to download.

Download (4shared)

password: wondergirls.wordpress.com

It looks like they are filming and enjoying themselves!!! Try to spot them for those breathing the same air as them in New York! They are staying at AKA Times Square @ 123 W. 44th ST. Might want to try your luck there!


22 thoughts on “Wonder Girls New York Diary 080219 (48 pictures)

  1. hey is it possible that someone could please upload the pictures again? i would really appreciate it! i dl it a long time ago but i must have deleted them or something cuz they are nowhere to be found. o_o

    again, thank you so much!

    <333333 wg πŸ˜‰

  2. oh..T^T ..im so late..the download link doesnt work anymore…still love WG!! Thnx anyways!
    Support WG forever!!

  3. Oh, man! I want to be in New York right now. They all look gorgeous. I love the pic of Sun Mi with the gold pair of shoes. She looks so delighted seeing it. Thanks for the update!

  4. HAHAHHA look at that old geezer wanting sohee’s autograph XD
    poor girl, getting almost molested wherever she goes~

    gosh i am SO JEALOUS!!!!!! i want to see them in person T___T

  5. Jeez…I’m jealous of the people here that are like, “Oh, let me just walk over to Times Square.” Haha..Lucky ducks.
    They look great… Ye Eun is so pretty! ^^

  6. oh wow alvin. you are the best. you even have their address. when they get here at LA i hope you will have it too ok?! =)

  7. wow people recognized them!! i’m glad we get to see them… thank you coolsmurf for always keeping us updated.. you are #1 in my book.. he he

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