The JYP Tour Audition in New York and Los Angeles

Who is the next world star?

JYP Entertainment under Park Jin Young who has been discovering and bringing out Rain, Wonder Girls, G-soul, Min, J-Lim, Joo and other prominent singers and actors/actresses will be holding auditions to find the next possible star.

The JYP Tour Audition will be held in New York, Los Angeles on 7th March 7th and 15th March respectively. (For locations, please see video above)

Those who are selected from the audition will be given the opportunity to represent Asia and be a world star with JYP Entertainment.

If there are any question regarding the audition, please send us an e-mail at or visit our website at for more details and application form.


33 thoughts on “The JYP Tour Audition in New York and Los Angeles

  1. coolsmurf?are you still visiting this site,please reply asap.since you’re singaporean,me too.i need some help in the application too

  2. how can you get the application forM?
    because i went on the website, and it wouln’t
    let me open it.

    i was planning on going but i can’t go on the march 14th
    cause its by brother’s birthday and we have a family/friend’s
    wedding to go to.

    is there any other way?

  3. Jyp is a great producer. He should stop by Toronto and Vancouver just like the sm auditions! Canada also has some great talents! It would be such a great oppurtunity to all fans in canada!

  4. oh cool..

    I’m chinese too..usually when I am talking about korean performers I only meet korean people..but cool.I found another chinese that is into Kpop 🙂

  5. thank you!
    english is spoken in singapore! wow..thats really cool..something that i never knew 🙂

    so are you chinese?

  6. Okay! I will, but thanks again! for everything 🙂

    You live in Singapore? wow..your English is really good!

  7. yes u have to pay more if you call overseas regardless. just check how much it is so that u don’t spend too much.

    i am just a Wonder Girl fan in Singapore. I don’t work in entertainment industry.

  8. thanks for the suggestion 🙂

    but earlier when you gave me the calling code website..if i use my cell phone and dial that calling code do i have to pay anything?

    i hope you dont mind..but can i ask you something? who are you? like are you from korea? the US? Europe? Asia? are you korean?

    do u work in the entertainment industry or something?

  9. Thanks okay! but I will call them.. I’ll tell you how it goes 🙂

    but the website that you gave me..earlier with the “calling codes”..when you enter in those codes do you have to pay anything if you use your cell phone?

    if you dont mind…can i ask you something? who are you? like are you korean or korean-american?

  10. i mean u have to take the initiative and call them, etc. send them an application, yes u should, but also call them and make sure they got it since auditions are over.

  11. I’m sorry but I can’t quite understand what you are trying to say..What do you mean by,”search for you as in call you”? When you say,”i doubt so seeing that they have to handle many calls from people like you” are you saying that you probalby don’t received calls from people out of korea? and what do you mean by”pro-active”?

    Sorry…should I send them a regular appliation via email? the applications are found on their regular website..since the auditions are why over now 😦

    Thank you for your replies, I really appreciate it 🙂

  12. @sarah. search for you as in call you? i doubt so seeing that they have to handle many calls from people like you. u have to be pro-active in this part. i think they can speak english, even if a little.

  13. Thank you for your help 🙂

    Do you think that they will search for me though?

    Will their staffs be able to speak english?

  14. Can I use my cellphone and call them..?

    no right?

    I don’t know why they did not reply my emails though..I’m pretty sure didnt go threw..but its too late now 😦

  15. thanks for looking for their number..

    how am I suppose to call them..I can’t call them with my cell 😦

    i tried messagin JYP on myspace..but he wouldnt read them!

  16. I sent them another email to a different email address and they replied..

    but I also sent them another email with other questions but they never replied and I also sent in my application !

    how do I call them? Do you have their number?


  17. can you apply through email..

    i tried emailing them but they didnt reply!

    please help!

    any suggestions?!!!

  18. @eLiNa, but the application form is in english/korean, you should be able to. and they can fill in for u when u go there on that day. and if u really can’t go, u could email them to see if there are other alternatives.

  19. i dun live in u.s thats y cant audition in person
    i hab downladed da application form but da writing isnt in korean or english at da 1st bit so cant undastand it properly

    bdw, u subb xman nd oda vdeoz in utube*laughs*

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