Wonder Girls leaves for New York this afternoon!

The girls left this afternoon for New York via Incheon International Airport. They are expected to stay in America for quite some time and are scheduled to do three things (maybe more) over there, appearing at “The JYP Tour” concerts, filming MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 and “Wishing on a Star” music video.

According to kris@soompi, Wonder Girls have arrived at JFK Airport in New York. Korean Airlines, Gate T-1 at 5:57 local time on 17th February. They are on American soil now! To those near them and breathing the same air, do try and see if you can spot them if possible. Possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Arriving at the airport together

Stern face, dorky face and smiley face ^.^

Leader and our Queen, love their smiles ^.^

Ye Eun looking surprised at something?

Sun Ye going for a horse ride? She is a Nikon supporter like me!

Sun Ye already taking pictures before she leaves

Yoo Bin looks so stylish

Yoo Bin the photographer (look at her Canon bag)

Sun Mi shows her randomness after getting her passport checked ^.^

Out of the 19 photos, 8 belonged to So Hee excluding group shots but this is one of three that she is smiling. Hope you smile more often in America!

Have a safe trip to America and we will surely miss them! Have fun in America! Laziness in me strikes, you can view the rest @ cutegiurl blog.


21 thoughts on “Wonder Girls leaves for New York this afternoon!

  1. OMG; they look so adorable.

    definitely love yoobin’s sense of style.

    does anyone kno what bag she had when she arrived at the airport. it’s so cute<3 i definitely want to get myself one =)

  2. just realised that while they are “here” we won`t get to see much of them for a few weeks, which hmmm why??!! lol..unless they post some pics in the official wonderful site…please do.. he he.. but, i hope they are haveing fun though…WELCOME GIRLS!!

    when yoon eun hye went ot New York she saw Naked Cowboy and Naked Cowgirl and she freaked out.. so my question is whatw ill be underaged sunmi and so hee`s reaction if they ever see them.. hope it will be captured in the doc.. ahaha 😛

  3. omg!! hahah
    i can’t believe this!! this si so coool :]]]
    i heard they are going to LA too. the tickets are on sale still i think, something like that. you could buy or look for them at popseoul.com

  4. hey! do you know their sched here in LA or San Francisco? or.. can you find out?! hehe .. you will be doing me a ton of favor! ^^

  5. 5:57 New York Local Time – Wonder Girls have arrived at JFK Airport in New York. Korean Airlines, Gate T-1.

    They are on American soil.

    Credit: kris@soompi

  6. I heard that they are going to stop by San Francisco is a past post. If it’s true, I should hunt them down over there.

  7. WOOHOO!! they are coming to NY!! I want to know where they are going to film~ i want to take some pics of them ^^ will they go to tourist sites? hmm who knows

  8. Sohee looks more and more grown up everyday.
    They all look very good after their well deserved rest, hope to see them continue their activities soon with their season 3.

  9. Soheee and Sun ye are adorable
    I love Yoobin she just my style I luv her style
    isn’t she used to live in USA?? right

  10. Oooooh how fun
    I’m jealous
    I wish I have some talent sing and dance
    do fun things awhile i’m young
    Love u wondergirls

  11. hehe. do you know when they will be in LA? hehe. i will hunt them down even though i cant go to their concert. ^^

  12. awwww my girls are going to america!! is Mak PaD also going? have a nice, long 13 hours flight girls.. enjoy your time in the US.. they look great, refreshed and ready to rock… i hope some wonderfuls will greet them at the airport… you know to let them know we’ve been waiting!!! lol…enjoy

  13. Awww so pretty and stylish. I cannot wait to see them in MTV WG 3, I’d bet they’re going to be so funny and dorky with their fav. Mak PD heheheh. Bon Voyage Wonder Girls & SoHee please show us more of your beautiful smile ok 😀

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