Even Eric of Shinhwa can’t resist liking the Wonder Girls

Shinhwa leader Eric (Happy 29th Birthday!) revealed recently that among the many hoobae singers now, he adores Wonder Girls the most.

Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk) was on the 15th February episode of MBC “Section TV Entertainment News” and told us his recent developments, “I have been enjoying my vacation and also taking notice of what my other Shinhwa members are doing (solo activities) through television.”

When he was asked, “There are talented hoobae singers now, who do you like the most?”, Eric without a hint of hesitation replied, “Wonder Girls!“. He also confessed, “I really really like the song, “Tell Me” and So Hee is very cute.”

Andy was also on the show, displaying his closeness with Eric. Andy got everyone in stitches as he revealed, “Age-wise, Eric is my older brother, but his behavior is like a 18 year old. I feel like I am his older brother sometimes.”

Kim Dong Wan recent revelation about how Shinhwa managed to stay together for 10 years got many people’s attention. (Wonder Girls could learn from this!)

Dong Wan revealed on a program, “Shinhwa started out as an idol group, and to have progressed till this point, it’s because we understood each other and gave way. When we renewed our contracts, Eric was very popular then and his contract offer was understandably higher than all of us. Many companies wanted to sign him on as a solo artiste and offered a substantial amount of money but he didn’t sign with them and remained as a Shinhwa member instead.” The Shinhwa members are really like brothers!

Eric said at the end, “We are now heading towards Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary Concert” and told us their concert schedule. Shinhwa will hold their “SHINHWA 10th Anniversary live in Seoul” concert on 29th March at 6pm and 30th March at 5pm at the Seoul Olympic Park First Stadium.


9 thoughts on “Even Eric of Shinhwa can’t resist liking the Wonder Girls

  1. happy eric oppa.one more old,i hope the best to you and can see you often
    love u and shinhwa!kissssssssssss……

  2. shinhwa and wondergirls… def in my top 2 groups in kpop (in that same order…)… i just hope wondergirls gets the same status as shinhwa in 10 years… that closeness, and the respect from the industry… though its not likely for a girl group, i hope they at least manage to stay as tight and close… go shinhwa changjo! go wonderfuls!

  3. I remember something that someone said about WG were guests at HyeSung’s concert and Eric rushed over there to the concert where he heard that WG were there even though HyeSung told him he doesn’t have to come 😀

  4. this is just so great to hear because i love the shinhwa guys and their personalities….they’ve been around a long time and having someone like eric appreciating the wonder girls makes it a big compliment 🙂

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