Wonder Girls departs for New York on 17th February

Wonder Girls are all prepared to get back to work after their vacation for their first-ever trip to New York and will leave Korea on 17th February.

Wonder Girls had on February 10th met up with the producer of “MTV Wonder Girls Season 3”. Besides congratulating them on their graduation, they also discussed about what they were going to do in New York. MTV Channel Lifestyle Music Documentary, “MTV Wonder Girls” was their first-ever program as a group.

With exploration and discovery of a new world as a theme, there’s a lot of meaning behind Wonder Girls graduation and their New York trip. With Ye Eun & Sun Ye graduating from high school, Sun Mi & So Hee graduating from middle school, the Wonder Girls have ample free time now without the need to make any public performances at the same time.

Wonder Girls New York trip will see Park Jin Young participating in it as well. “MTV Wonder Girls Season 3” will feature the following:

– Guesting at JYP concert tour
– Visiting New York City landmark, Times Square
– Visting MTV New York studio
– Wishing on a Star MV filming
– and many more…

“MTV Wonder Girls Season 3” will be filming them in the perspective of common folks and not as star. They will experience life in New York City like music, fashion, arts, etc and clips from Park Jin Young’s concert will also be included and show another side of the Wonder Girls.

“Wishing on a Star” MV will be shown first on MTV Portal on 5th March while the first episode of “MTV Wonder Girls Season 3” will be broadcast on 7th March. Both will be available only on MTV Korea.


5 thoughts on “Wonder Girls departs for New York on 17th February

  1. damn…i wish i could go..if i could id seriously take ANYONE and EVERYONE with me…but since school and stuff..and im tryin to audtion into JYPE same with i think 2 or 3 other of my friends..and tryin to go finish high school in korean / go to college in korea..i cant go…

    well i hope they get LOTS of loves and i hope sunmi knows i —- ~~lol…yeah i like her XD she catches my eyes…idk y..has a lil spark that relates to me i guess XD

  2. It’ll be nice for them to do this in the US because they wouldn’t be hounded by the paparazzi or the public. They can just be normal lol.

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