Sun Ye’s Dankook University dreams appears bleak

The latest news is that Sun Ye didn’t make the cut. (thanks to ~cherrie~) 

Nation’s Little Sister and Wonder Girls leader, Min Sun Ye might postpone her plans to enter university to the following year.

Sun Ye’s name appeared on the preliminary list for the School of Arts and Crafts majoring in Theatre and Film at Dankook University in results released at the end of January. Those who were on the preliminary list however had to wait and see if students that were already approved would opt out of the course if they do not register by the February 11th deadline.

One of Sun Ye’s friend had at 5.30pm yesterday afternoon mentioned in a telephone interview with Star News, “Haven’t heard from Sun Ye about her getting into the course, looks like she didn’t manage to get in afterall.”

“There were many other students that were placed ahead of Sun Ye on,” revealing the harsh reality that Sun Ye probably failed to make the list.

The friend added, “Sun Ye have decided that her application to Dankook University would be her only application and she will end it at this regardless of the result. Sun Ye will probably try again next year.”

A spokesperson for Dankook University in an interview with Star News revealed, “The deadline for those students that were approved ended yesterday. We will get in touch with students that managed to make the cut very soon. Unfortunately for Sun Ye, there were many other students who scored better than her.” Giving a clear indication that Sun Ye’s chances are probably bleak.

Meanwhile, Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls did managed to clear her exams and is now in Kyunghee University studying post-modern music. 


19 thoughts on “Sun Ye’s Dankook University dreams appears bleak

  1. hey im new in wondergirl land, do these girl playing a movie or not, if they do then what is the title??

  2. just poppin by…

    i wished she would be accepted because she really comes off as a sweet person. =)

    I applaud WG for making me (yes, a girl!) fond of girl groups. I always thought that WG was yet another plastic group (read: SNSD) that Korea had but boy, they proved me wrong. =) Heart them.

    “….A spokesperson for Dandook University in an interview with Star News revealed, “The….”

    Anw, i think it should be Dankook Uni, and not Dandook Uni. LOL. =)

  3. Don’t worry Sun Ye!!! We’ll go and give u full support for next year!!!! Study hard for next year! Aja Aja Fwighting~!

  4. Sun Ye you can do it!
    maybe a couple of them will get sick or something.
    it maybe mean but i have prayed for something like
    this before. but you can do it!!

  5. omg POOR THING. but this potentially sounds like my situation……… T_________________T i feel for her SO MUCH!

  6. Poor Sun Ye. T__T

    Ye Eun’s the genius and Sun Ye’s probably just the humble average student. xD It’s okay though, she’s probably working more on training then school. We all can’t have smarts and a popstar career.

  7. This broke my heart 😦

    Although I swear she should have applied to more than one school, I still hoped that she would get in to her dream one…

    She’s probably incredibly disappointed but hopefully she’ll bounce back and do better next year. She can do it!

  8. sunye fighting! awww, that’s really sad. and even more when she sees yeeun making it. but there’s always a next.

  9. feel like i have a knife in my heart, imagine her state of mind… well, in the words of a new optimist, there are no failures just setbacks… there is always next year, the key my friend is to never give up…

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