Ye Eun & Yoo Bin attends HyunA’s graduation

It happened last week but it got held up because of Chinese New Year.

Despite her leaving the Wonder Girls last year due to health reasons, Ye Eun and Yoo Bin’s appearance at former member, Kim HyunA’s graduation ceremony last week showed that they are still best of friends.

HyunA covering her face because she had flu More pictures of HyunA’s graduation

Ye Eun and Yoo Bin attended HyunA’s graduation at Choong Chun Middle School in Seoul on 5th February. Since ending their first album promotion, the Wonder Girls had been on vacation and two of them decided to congratulate HyunA on her graduation by attending the ceremony.

Although HyunA left the group last year, she still maintains a good relationship with all the Wonder Girls members. Despite not being part of Wonder Girls now, she is still signed on to JYPE as a performing artiste.

A JYPE spokesperson in response to a call from a Newsen reporter said, “HyunA has a deep relationship with the Wonder Girls because they have been through a lot during their training period. So because of this, two of them decided to attend her graduation ceremony to congratulate her. Not just Ye Eun and Yoo Bin, other JYPE colleagues were also in attendance.”

“So Hee and Sun Ye couldn’t attend because they were in Japan at that time. HyunA’s departure was a decision taken after discussions between her and the company. It has not been decided if she will debut as a solo artiste in future.”


7 thoughts on “Ye Eun & Yoo Bin attends HyunA’s graduation

  1. Maybe its just me but I dont feel that Yoobin “took her spot” I think Yoobin is a great addition to the wonder girls but im glad they all get along good and still keep in touch.

  2. score shes back, i luv yoobin and hyunah, so im thinking wat about a 6 member group!WONDER GIRLS fighting!

  3. omg!!! yay!!
    go hyun ah!! im so happy for her!!
    and i hope she can still perform as a artist in the future!! she was my favorite from wonder girls :]]]
    it would be really awesome if she joined wonder girls again!! hahaha but i don’t thin kit would happene though hm..
    it would be sad if she was put into another girl band

  4. my baby girl, hyuna is all grown’s good to see yoo bin and ye eun attending her graduation ceremony..^^
    i really hope to see hyuna in future.

  5. oh my! yoo bin visited her too? were they relle good friends? i mean.. i assumed that they wouldnt relle know each other too well considering yoo bin came after hyun ah left…

    although im sure hyun ah doesnt have any hard feelings toward yoo bin for taking her spot in WG considering she and her parents wanted to leave and JYPE didnt kick her out


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