Ye Eun enrols at Kyunghee University

Ye Eun will enrol in the post-modern music course at Kyunghee University.

She has confirmed this news and will become the junior of her idol, Rain who graduated in February 2006. She had already attended some classes for her course on 29th January.

A Kyunghee University spokesperson expressed, “Ye Eun was one of four students who will take the vocal lesson elective and she managed to do that at the ratio of 1:60 which was impressive.” “She had tried for other courses at other schools but failed to qualify.”

A JYPE representative replied, “Ye Eun had always wanted to study music so she will be doing what she always wanted at Kyunghee University.”

Among fellow singers who are also in the same course are Park Hyo Shin, Lyn, SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho, Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon, Sugar’s Park Su Jin, DBSK’s Max Chang Min and Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun. Ye Eun is one of the top students with very good grades.

In about a week or so, we will get to know if Sun Ye got accepted to Dankook University. Fingers crossed.

Credit: Luxtoraa, hyuksu


4 thoughts on “Ye Eun enrols at Kyunghee University

  1. First, good luck to Sun Ye!

    Second, congrats again to Ye Eun! I have a feeling she didn’t get into her first choice school but I hope she has fun at Kyunghee regardless. 😀

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