Wonder Girls to spend Chinese New Year with their families

“Wonder Girls will be spending their first Chinese New Year together with their own families after their debut, ” a spokesperson from JYPE expressed.

Sun Ye and Ye Eun will be spending their Chinese New Year at their homes in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do respectively. Sun Mi who graduated recently from middle school has gone back home to Kyungpook, Gyeongju to spend the new year with her family. Yoo Bin whose family is living in America will be able to spend the new year with her family in Korea though after they had stayed behind temporarily after the New Year.

So Hee and her sister

So Hee meanwhile has left for Japan once again to be with her sister who is studying there. So Hee had actually been in Japan after ending her Wonder Girls promotional activities. She made a short trip back to host the February 2nd Music Core episode before flying off again to Japan. She plans to spend her Chinese New Year in Japan with her family.

With the Wonder Girls starting their overseas promotion at the end of February, they would be away from their families for a prolonged period of time. This Chinese New Year is therefore a precious time for them to spend some quality time together with their own families.

Happy Chinese New Year to Wonder Girls and all the Wonderful fans!!!


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls to spend Chinese New Year with their families

  1. WHY….. u haf no right to say sunmi look stupid…she is just a typical normal girl…..don tell me that u never look stupid in ur life b4?

  2. Why does Sun Mi always have to be so stupid in pics??? She always seems to be the odd one and she totally ruins the picture! She used to be hot when she debuted but now she is just stupid…

  3. LOL.
    I thought Yoobin was going to come to America for New Year’s. x:
    That would have been awesome.
    > >
    But it’s all the same. 8D
    I’m happy for them.
    I hope they stay safe and have a great time!

  4. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL WONDERFULS TOO! i’m glad they will be spending quality time with their family and friends. but will sohee be back for her mc-ing again?

  5. I think that’s what it means ptdragon. They’re visiting her in Korea and are planing to stay through the New Year.

    Well, I for one am glad that they can have precious time with their families. I’m happy for them. 🙂

  6. so what does that mean for yoo bin? i dont quite understand… her family is visiting her in korea and will stay with her for the new years there?

    i dont really understand this part of it “though after they had stayed behind temporarily after the New Year.”

    care to explain coolsmurf? 😀

  7. Yeah! I’m happy for WG that they can see their family once before going for a long time abroad! Especially that Yoobin also sees her family…:):):):)

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