Wishing on a Star MV event

There’s a secret love relationship between Wonder Girls members?

MTV Korea in preparation for MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 are using “Wishing on a Star” MV as an event to get fans voting on which Wonder Girls members they would like to see in a relationship and this has got tremendous attention from fans. (Guessing that a guy would be fighting over the chosen two?)

The Wonder Girls will be placed together in five random groups of two and fans will vote for their favourite pairing. This unique concept has won the approval and got tremendous reception as there is fan interaction on which direction the MV is heading. The fans get to decide!

Visit the website now to vote for your favourite pairing but I can’t seem to find the submit button. Who will be your pick anyway? The vote seems to be biased towards Sun Mi & So Hee because their background is a big heart, but my vote goes to them too!


6 thoughts on “Wishing on a Star MV event

  1. Miso is definitely the most evident one.
    But i like Two Ye pair also.

    However, where is my yoobin & sunye pair? =”(
    Well, anything goes, MinAhn too. As long as they are together, haha. =D

  2. I would vote for Yebin (though that’s not on the list xD)
    The purple heart is the summit thing but you have to log in to vote -.-

    You can actually send ideas about how the MV should be:
    Yeeun says: What should we do where, so that it will be good?
    Yoobin: Who of Sunmi, Sohee, Sunye, Yoobin, Yeeun will be the main character?
    Sunmi: This kind of scenes!
    Sunye&Sohee: ?? (I don’t know, sry)

    The person whose story is chosen gets also a present.

  3. i think the submit button is in the purple heart? the words that are in black
    so wat does this mean? that the Wonder Girls are gonna film an MV for Wishing on a Star? cuz i was under the impression that they were gonna be relle busy with their break and then going with JYP’s tour and then working on new music… well anyways if they do make another MV… i cant wait to see it! lol

    yeh i think i’d vote sun mi and so hee too

    oh is there any significance to the 2nd half of the site? where they’re saying sumthing in those little speech bubbles?

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