Sun Mi graduates from Chung Dam Middle School

Sun Mi graduated today from her middle school together with fellow Wonder Girls members who were there to lend their support and congratulate her.

“Nation’s Little Sisters”, Wonder Girls member, Sun Mi (16 years old) who is a 92 baby graduated this morning from Chung Dam Middle School with her fellow members from Wonder Girls looking on and received her graduation certificate.

A JYPE spokesperson in a phone call with a Star News reporter confirmed this news report, “Sun Ye, Ye Eun and Yoo Bin were at the graduation ceremony today to wish their little sister, Sun Mi on her successful graduation from her school. At this moment, we would like to ask if everyone can respect the family and their wish to celebrate Sun Mi’s graduation quietly.”

They added that So Hee who is of the same age and grade as Sun Mi didn’t attend because of personal reasons. So Hee graduation ceremony will also be held very soon within the next week or so.


26 thoughts on “Sun Mi graduates from Chung Dam Middle School

  1. I love wonder girls very much.they are so pretty.
    When does wonder girls go to thailand again?
    I want to be a star with my friend.
    People in my group are sia,fer,jo-aun,mabrang and tida.
    My group is butter berry.
    I want to see you but i don’t know when i see you.
    thank you very much.

  2. Congratulations Sun Mi on your graduation.

    Are you planning to go to university later on?

    I like the way you sing & like all songs of Wonder Girls.

    Wish I could get to know you.

    An Introdution of Myself:

    Name: Patrick Lau S.B.
    Height: 5ft 11inches
    Horoscope: Virgo (Chinese: Monkey)
    Place: Moonstone View #05-05
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    Movies Favorites: Jeon Ji-hyun- Winsdstruck, Daisy, My Sassy Girl, White Valentine, ill Mare, Uninvited, If I were Superman

    MTV Favorites: Wonder Girls – Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody, Wonder Girls Vs Girls Generation, Music Core, Music Space, etc.

    Commercials: Jeon ji-hyun Laniege Girl, Anycall, windstruck trailer, daisy trailer, Asience, etc.


    Bach of Degree – HR Practice & Marketing
    3 SOAs ACTA – Certified Trainer WDA Recognition

    Professional Accreditation: MSHRI – Professional Member, SHRP (Singapore Human Resources Institute)

    Occupation: Ex-Auditor, Ex HR Manager, Recruitment Consultant, Currently-Qualified Trainer

    Articles Contributions – Internationally Accepted.
    Propose Forthcoming Projects:
    HR Novels, HR Management Text, Training Programs Development & Assessor

  3. I love Sun Mi because she’s so playful and witty. Sometimes she’s just a little weird and a dork, but i think she’s intelligent.

    You go girl!!!

  4. Congratulations Sun Mi. You reall deserve it. Keep it up.

    Choose your course wisely and take entrance exams at good Universities.


  5. wow she looks beautiful in that high school photo o.O; a real natural beauty wow..^^ so sunmi is in HS now,, I wonder if she is enjoying herself..HS is so stressful T.T

  6. @yes, korea and japan take after US educational system so it’s similar. sun mi is one of those that looks better without any “extras”.

  7. I wonder why does Sunmi looks better when she’s not performing… she’s really beautiful when she wears simple outfits

  8. Thank goodness at last little Sunmi graduated…congratulations.
    By the way, I don’t understand why does Japan and South Korea both has middle and high school? does that mean when they attend college they are 19 yrs. old so when they graduated they are 22 yrs old? no wonder both countries are included in the first world categories.
    Can someone answer my question I will really appreciate it.

  9. sun ye vacation was a short one. and i thought so hee was suppose to be back after chinese new year? but the both of them also appeared on music core yesterday.

    maybe so hee flew back for mc duty and then back to Japan? who knows….

  10. me too i figured they went to the same school, being that they lived in the same house and all… maybe graduations are done for each class separatly…

    newayz, congrats sun mi

  11. oh god i feel ooooold.

    anyhow, i had no clue korean schools graduated their students in february!! that’s strange since i’m used to may/june graduations.

  12. sun mi just graduated..<33

    i hope she invents more stuff in future..^^

    her school pic is cute..^^

  13. congrats to sunmi.yeah,finally a highschool student
    her unnies are great to be there to witness her graduate
    i hope they will all be present for sohee’s graduation ceremony.

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