So Hee’s movie is No.5 after two weeks at the box office

Figures for the Korean box office from 25th – 27th January are out and “The Best Moment Of Our Lives” starring Kim Jung Eun & Moon So Ri continues to dominate with a strong showing as they finished top once again.

Korean Box Office (25th – 27th January)
1.  The Best Moment Of Our Lives
2. Cloverfield
3. Open City
4. Sweeney Todd
5. I Like It Hot

Korean movie “I Like It Hot” was placed fifth last weekend. It started showing on January 17th on 299 screens all over Korea and box office receipts was 120,9018, total accumulated is 500,2990. It captured 7.5% of the overall box office. The idea of having three cool ladies in the movie is rather familiar and thus certainly not a fresh concept. The only redeeming point that could attract the attention of young movie-goers was undoubtedly So Hee from Wonder Girls who plays a high school girl and has a liking for both girls and boys.

Review by a Korea Times reporter
“Hellcats” Is Charmingly Off-Tune

The english title for the movie is apparently Hellcats which is funny since you would normally associate that with an action movie. Thundercats anyone?


9 thoughts on “So Hee’s movie is No.5 after two weeks at the box office

  1. I’ve just watch “i like it hot” and it was worth to watch… 🙂
    So hee is so beautiful, i just wish i would get a chance to meet and talk to her in person…!

  2. wohoo! ..i luv u so hee ,ur so beautiful ..sarap mo sigurong kantutin..hehe tagalog..wala makakaintindi nito!..weee!

  3. i so wanna watch that movie..
    how i wish i could find a cd or something here in the phil..

    i so love so hee.
    really? she’s playing a lesbian? or a bisexual?? o_0

  4. omgg. that m0vie must bee pretty great?!? seen it. th0 it was all right. but h0w come so hee was lesbian!?!? bwaaaaa ruined her innocence~?~ o well th0 O_o but i still l0ve WG!?

  5. actually to be placed 5 is pretty good.
    i mean considering the movie industry is not going as strong as it is.

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