Kim Yong Joon of SG Wannabe wants to date the Wonder Girls

SG Wannabe members recently revealed publicly their ideal type and each making a confession to the other party for a possible one day date. 

This came about after attending KM “Live show tank” program where they were asked , “Which artiste would you choose to go out on a date with for a day?” and gave their frank opinions. Chae Dong Ha replied that his choice would be Ivy. Ivy in reply to his confession said, “If there’s a chance, I’m willing.”

Kim Yong Joon chose the Wonder Girls. He gave the same reply during a radio show before when asked the same question. When quizzed further on why he chose them, Kim Yong Joon said, “Because they are like my sisters.”

Kim Jin Ho said, “Love is everlasting.” He had earlier frankly admitted that his ideal girl was Jo Jung Rin. He added, “Two years ago, I said that Jung Rin was my ideal type. But that was two years ago, I have no one in mind right now.”


14 thoughts on “Kim Yong Joon of SG Wannabe wants to date the Wonder Girls

  1. jo jung rinnn?? bo yaaaaaa~~
    love love love kim jin ho’s voice, but hates his acting in any performances.
    without dong ha, not even a bit will change.

  2. Hmm… I thought this was on a show that aired a good while ago… Maybe I’m wrong. I suppose I’m just confusing it cause Che Dong Ha has said Ivy for his ideal type for a while now.. Aww, Jinho. Jung Rin is taken! Aww… Well, there are many many girls who’d love to be his ideal girl! ^^

  3. haha.yes,its dongha who is dating boram. anyway, yongjun happens to be my fav of sgwannabe which is good. he must be so happy to be seated with the girls during golde disk

  4. So which one? LOL!
    I like SG Wannabe, they’re pretty nice to WG during shows esp. during MB when WG won the song of the year, they gave a few pats on some of the members heheh…unlike some people who just walked off.

  5. I thought Chae Dong Ha was going out with Lee Boram, not Kim Jin Ho as you have suggested. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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