17th Seoul Gayo Awards, Best Newbie Award Voting Status

Photo voting for the Best Newbie Award started in early January and according to the latest voting status at the official website, Wonder Girls (45.7%) is currently leading their closest rivals, So Nyeo Shi Dae (42.8%) by just 2.9%.

The results are determined by phone voting and we understand that the Korean fans are doing their very best in voting for the Wonder Girls. It looks like a close fight to the finish and voting ends today at midnight.

The 17th Seoul Gayo Awards will be held this Thursday and it’s unknown whether the Wonder Girls will appear since they are on vacation and So Hee is in Japan. Not really sure about the timing but it will be shown on YTN Star.


10 thoughts on “17th Seoul Gayo Awards, Best Newbie Award Voting Status

  1. wg wg wg hope wg win…they truly deserve it!!! i wish i could call too but can’t…..my vote is for wg though!!!! 🙂

  2. hope wonder girls go to the 17th Seoul Gayo Awards cuz if not then fugly snsd will be there to take all the glam lol hate snsd

  3. darn! i wish i can call..<_< . .

    i hope WG can get it.. cos they are freaking hard working and put all their heart,effort and soul in it..

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