So Hee takes a vacation in Japan

As host of MBC Music Core, Wonder Girls So Hee absence from the program for two weeks in a row has been a cause of concern for her fans. It has since been confirmed that it’s due to her being in Japan. She is in Japan currently to visit her sister who is studying there and will begin her one month vacation.

Because of her vacation in Japan, So Hee was missing from the 19th and 26th January Music Core episodes. So Hee left Korea on 22nd January and reached Tokyo on the same day. So Hee had been busy promoting her movie, “I Like It Hot” since the start of January, and to accomodate the Music Core PDs planning the program, decided to give up her MC position temporarily and let TOP from Big Bang and Sun Ye to MC together instead in her absence.

So Hee missed her elder sister very much during the promotion period for “Tell Me” and had requested from her manager that she hope to go to Japan during her one month vacation after all the official group activities had ended.

So Hee will return home on 6th February after the Chinese New Year and group vacation. After that, there will be no scheduled activities for So Hee in Korea. This will carry on until 29th February where the Wonder Girls will leave together for New York, America to take part in JYP’s “Bad Party” concert.

There had been pictures recently of So Hee going to the bank posted on the internet. She was actually there to change some money to Japanese yen. The photos were snapped by fans who spotted her changing money at Korea Exchange Bank in Seoul and subsequently posted it on the internet.

Regarding this, a JYPE spokesperson replied, “So Hee is still young so she misses her family very much, so we gave her a one month vacation because of this. There are many people trying to find out what they are doing during their vacation, and this has make them feel burdened.

So Hee will be recharging herself and take a good rest after reaching Japan on 23rd January and will return to Korea shortly after. Her one month vacation includes her stay in Japan and continues after her return to Korea.


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