MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 Sneak Preview Clips

MTV Korea has released two previews for the upcoming MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 to be shown in March 2008. The first sees the Wonder Girls introducing and hyping the new season which will be filmed entirely in America.

Download (InfernoUpload)


The second are individual Wonder Girls tv spot clips put together into one file. Each wearing outfits that reflects American culture, I suppose?

Sun Ye – Cowgirl
Sun Mi – Cheerleader
So Hee – Dancer
Ye Eun – Red Indian
Yoo Bin – Bodyguard

Download (InfernoUpload)


Word of caution, do not upload this to youtube because it’s from mtv and past uploads of mtv videos have led to YT accounts being suspended.


17 thoughts on “MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 Sneak Preview Clips

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  2. smurf i life in las vegas. do you know what the time slot for the show is going to be and how much the time difference is?

  3. Tiffany80, it’s pretty simple. just download from install, run the program, click on the channel and wait for it to buffer and play. Take note of the time zone, Korea is one hour ahead for me.

    Sometimes it won’t play because the channel’s offline and there’s not enough people watching that channel.

    One way to ensure that you have a stable connection is in the quality column, at least a value of 85 and above is recommended. Anything lower might still work but you will get intermittent connection problems.

    The number of people watching doesn’t equate to smooth connection. 1000 ppl watching but quality is 60 will not be a smooth viewing.

    Popular channels for Korea are SBS, MBC while KBS doesn’t really work or is practically non-existent for me.

  4. Omg, Yoobin as a bodygouard xDDDDD After you’ve protected WG in US come here and protect me, ok? hehe^^

  5. thanks alvin! i can’t believe that’s their image of America…oh boy. it doesn’t get anymore stereotypical than that…but i guess it’s all in good fun.

    hopefully this season will open their eyes to another culture in the best ways possible. 🙂

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