Wonder Girls to make their comeback in May 2008

Wonder Girls who enjoyed immense popularity last year with “Tell Me”will make their return to the Korean pop industry in May 2008 with a CD single.

Wonder Girls had been on a vacation since the start of 2008 and will be in America for most of February and March to film MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 and guest at Park Jin Young’s America concerts. At the end of March, they will be in the recording studio with Park Jin Young to prepare and record their new single. They will then proceed to start their promotional activities by early May.

According to JYPE, “Park Jin Young will be their producer, there will be at least 3 – 4 dance songs (something like that). Besides appearing as guests at Park Jin Young’s concerts, they will also be working on their domestic CD single. There are no plans for the Wonder Girls to release a regular album in 2008.”

Wonder Girls are slated to appear as guests at Park Jin Young’s concert on 29th February in New York and 8th March in Los Angeles. They will also be meeting popstars like Outkast, R.Kelly, etc. Park Jin Young will leave for America first on 30th January. Wonder Girls meanwhile will reunite in mid-February after their long vacation and Chinese New Year celebrations before leaving for America.

Wonder Girls members are now doing their training, practising, etc voluntarily. With the exception of leader Min Sun Ye who is remaining on the company premises, all other members are at their own homes resting.


11 thoughts on “Wonder Girls to make their comeback in May 2008

  1. you are so cute wonder girls.^0^ yay!
    you sing so good that i love it so much like the song nobody .and so hot and tell me and irony too.i love you bye wonder girls .bye yoo bin bye sun ye ye eun bye sun mi bye so hee and bye hyuna bye every one see you latter guys.xD ^o^ T_______________T bye.

  2. น่ารักมากกกกกกกกกกกกกก โซฮีๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ

  3. aw what a trooper. i guess once you’ve been “training” for so long…it’s just natural for you to keep doing it…even if you’re supposed to be vacationing.

    can’t wait to see them again….may sounds so far away!

  4. very cool. i’m excited. but if they’re doing promotional activities in early may, what are the chances of them coming to the hollywood bowl 08?

  5. i always thought sunye lived in that apartment way before the group was formed because she has been training for so long. well her real home only has her grandmother because her grandfather passed away. even though the girls have a vacation from the cameras they still have school..

  6. oo can’t wait. but i will wait because i want them to rest up as much as possible!

    and gosh… sunye is such an awesome leader. but she should’ve gone home to see her grandparents T___T
    she works too hard

  7. ^
    she wants to practice more. . .in dancing and singing,i think. i was hoping for them to release an album in mid-June. Releasing a single is another strategy as SNSD is doing that too. They have good strategy though.I hope it’s going to be as catchy and addictive as possible like ‘Irony’ , ‘Tell Me’, ‘Bad Boy’ ..etc

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