Kajyeoga Official MV

Here’s a newly-discovered mv of “Kajyeoga”. Not sure about it being official but looks so since there’s plenty of unseen footage of the Wonder Girls though and many scenes of them appearing like dorks, especially Yoo Bin and Sun Mi.


12 thoughts on “Kajyeoga Official MV

  1. what is jyp trying to do?

    if he’s trying to make money he should
    pair them up with his 12 member guy group coming out in the end of the month…

  2. Yeah I kinda don’t understand the loveline concept…so two girls will be paired with each other? *confused*

    (btw, thanks for sun ye YSMM clips alvin! i can’t get enough of her :))

  3. pretty impressive for a fanvid, if it is that 😀
    i really hope “wishing on a star” isn’t another compilation vid. because those are just no fun…

    btw, about this loveline thing… are koreans as OK with girl pairings as they are with guy pairings?????

    anywho, i would vote for somi if i could ^^

  4. i wish they put YOOBIN+ ye eun couple! YEBIN COUPLE IS THE BEST.. then miso couple.. ^_^

    dude is that really fan made video? cuz its amazing & i havent seen a lot of the clips taht were in it.. hmm.

  5. although i got my hopes up that it was related to wishing on a star, it was a nice vid. very nicely done. i got to see things i ve never seen before =)

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