So Hee’s debut movie is No.4 at the weekend box office

The figures for the Korean box-office weekend from January 18 – 20 is out and despite the apparent poor returns in recent times, they dominated the weekend box-office with three Korean movies placed in the top five.

The number two spots continued to be hogged by “The Best Moment Of Our Lives” and “Open City” who had opened with impressive numbers and carried on their momentum coming into this weekend. Kim Jung Eun’s movie of triumph in adversity continues to be a big draw and had pretty good returns while Son Ye Jin’s new sleek image just loses out to the former as audience numbers dropped compared to its opening week but still coming in at second place.

Korean comedy movie, “I Like It Hot” came in at number four and stars Lee Mi Sook, Kim Min Hee, Ahn So Hee which talks about their different attitudes towards love at their different ages. This is Wonder Girls, So Hee first-ever movie and her first kiss was given to Kim Bum in the movie. Besides the interesting plot, the name of Ahn So Hee itself is a major selling point. The weekend audience clocked in at 175,644 viewers after being shown at 292 cinemas nationwide. Total accumulated viewers is 227,677.

“The Best Moment Of Our Lives” and “Open City” which accounted for nearly 50% of the box-office over the weekend are expected to continue to do well in the coming week. And with “I Like It Hot” proving to be a hit with females, there is hope still for the Korean movie industry to recover from their slump.


8 thoughts on “So Hee’s debut movie is No.4 at the weekend box office

    her first kiss to kim bum *_*
    i wouldnt mind that 🙂
    anything for kim bum XDD *pervss*
    omgosh! i really cant wait XD

  2. Top 5! Yay 🙂 I wanna watch this soon…

    And her first kiss is an on-screen kiss! I wonder if she felt….I don’t know….disappointed haha.

    (On a sidenote, thank you so much for the Irony MV! I JUST realized that although I listen to their CD a bajillion times a day…I don’t know what the songs are talking about!

    Do you happen to know where I can find one of “Tell Me”? I’m such a loser. I memorized the lyrics just from the sheer amount of time listening to it but I have never bothered to find out what they mean… :/

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