Wonder Girls current schedule

This is what 天使雨猫猫Rose posted at WG Baidu. She is part of JYPE operations thanks to her previous connections when Rain was in China.

They are now on vacation. Those who wants to go home have gone home. Those that want to go for a trip are on a trip. All of them will reunite again in February and then leave for America later.

I know evryone is pretty upset over what happened on January 19th. I have relayed all your messages and feelings to JYPE staff. They told me that Sun Ye and the others all find it a pity that they couldn’t come. JYPE staff was only notified about the visa problem on January 18th and hope that everyone can understand that they have done their best.

Heard that when Wonder Girls release their second album, President Hong promised to let them come to China more often to make up for this. ^^ So everyone let’s wait for that in future!


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls current schedule

  1. I guess Yoobin could but I supppose they still have training during their break? not excessive but a little. So Yoobin can’t just fly to the states, besides it costs alot to fly (ok, they have lots of money…)

  2. yeah she can. actually it would be better if she did since the concert is in the states. i would love to hear her speak english aside from the few lines in songs

  3. its good that coolsmurf posted something. i was having WG withdrawals. hehe.
    i hope that they are well rested! =)

    ^^ why cant yoobin go home?

  4. Super! Now they REALLY have a vacation 🙂 Rest well WG and then rock NY!

    I wonder who went home and who went on a trip, and what’s yoobin doing? she can’t visit her family…

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