Samsung Electronics showers special love on Wonder Girls

Fliming of MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 and “Wishing For A Star” MV are going to be sponsored by Samsung Electronics Korea and produced by MTV On Media.

Samsung Electronics are going to sponsor the total production cost of MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 in America and all related media/clips/videos by them. This kind of sponsorship by Samsung is very rare considering they are the only sponsors and designating Wonder Girls only as the target.

MTV Channel under the sponsorship of Samsung Electronics, “Notebook Sense” campaign will produce MTV Wonder Girls Season 3. Wonder Girls will guest on Park Jin Young’s America concert tour, “Bad Party” on 28th February. Following which, MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 will be broadcasted in early March. The program will show us behind the scenes footage of Wonder Girls filming their MV, “Wishing on a Star”. Other expected content in MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 will see them experiencing life in San Francisco, New York and other states.

With the sponsorship from Samsung Electronics, On Media will also produce another program, “itSens in New York”. This will be shown in mid-March and will be based on “Wonder Girls date with New York”. Five lucky fans from Korea together with Wonder Girls will visit television stations and schools in New York. The fans will also get to visit Wonder Girls on the set of their MV filming and meet them in person. MTV Channel will broadcast part of this program.

From the broadcasting perspective, Wonder Girls is in a win-win situation. Both programs airing period are back-to-back and targets promoting Wonder Girls as the core. It remains to be seen how the ratings for the programs will do.

According to a Samsung Electronics spokesperson, “This is our marketing strategy for the first half of 2008 as we hope to build on the momentum and cultural phenemenon that Wonder Girls created in the latter half of 2007. On one hand, we sponsor money for them to film a MV while the footage of them doing that will be created into another program by On Media.”

(Credit to ~ cherrie ~  for news)


4 thoughts on “Samsung Electronics showers special love on Wonder Girls

  1. I thought they ended all promotion from their first album…but they’re still doing a MV for it?

    I’m not complaining though 🙂

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