“Ahn chic song and GIFs about me are interesting” says So Hee

Normal 15 year old girls would just be waiting for their middle school graduation ceremony. But for Wonder Girls member, So Hee, her popularity is soaring by the minute thanks to “Tell Me” mania sweeping across Korea last year.

So Hee has been at the center of everything and caught the attention of many fans from young to old. She has also been labelled as “Korea’s Little Sister” like Moon Geun Young. So Hee has just recently embarked on her acting career with her real name, Ahn So Hee and the airing for her debut movie, “I Like It Hot” on January 17th is nearing as we speak.

On the day of the interview, many places in Seoul were snowing. So we asked her if she have any memories regarding snow.

“Before my debut, I would meet my friends during days when it snowed. We would climb mountains and do “sledge” rides (place paper beneath our butts)

This memory of her playing happily with her friends happened in the winter of last year. Following that, she debuted with “Irony” in April 2007 and their follow-up song, “Tell Me” in September 2007 which swept Korea.

#”The movie character tells my story”

So Hee will be debuting on the movie screens with her real name, Ahn So Hee. She plays a super curious high-school girl, Kang Ae who lives with her daredevil attitude mother and full of issues aunt under the same roof.

“Might not be the best but I did it. Appearing on the screen is something new.”

Ahn So Hee said that she has many things in common with her movie character, Kang Ae. “Kang Ae and her mother are like best of friends, living cooly together, and it’s quite like me. Me and my sister are quite close in age and the way I treat my aunt in the movie is quite similar to what I do in real life.”

Many problems that girls face with boys are kind of similar. Many girls would confide their problems with friends with regards to boys honestly For example, how did their first kiss happen, what kind of feeling was it, etc.

Ahn So Hee said, “I never had a boyfriend, but situations like sharing with friends about questions regarding boys, that happened many times.”

Scenes in the movie like being the pillion rider on Kim Bum’s motorcycle plus other scenes were all done by So Hee herself, no body double was involved. “Actually was a bit scared” When the movie starts, there was a scene where Kim Min Hee kicked So Hee. We asked if she felt pain then, So Hee replied, “It wasn’t pain and on the contrary, I thought it was sexy. (smiles) The viewers will find that part to be funny and feel good.”

With regards to her kissing a girl in the movie, So Hee replied, “I received lots of guidance for that scene and managed to do it successfully.”  “My acting skills are still lacking and my pronounciation is kind of weak in some parts.” Honest enought to recognize her shortcomings and reveal it to us.

#”Poster girl of the internet” 

Ahn So Hee was chosen in an audition when she was in sixth grade of junior high. She then went through training and finally debuted as Wonder Girls in the 3rd year of middle school. She went through a lot of tough times during her days as a trainee student. “Many people said that I had suffer a lot at such a young age…maybe they were referring to the tough training or the times where I could be playing with my friends instead.” I sometimes have problems which is probably double that of my friends. The toughest part is probably not knowing what the future holds.”

When asked what she wanted to do after entering high school, she said she wants to go to the canteen with her friends. “During lunch time or revision period, I hope to go there and play with my friends. Although I still go to school during promotional period with Wonder Girls, but there aren’t much days when I have a normal day in school.”

“My close friends doesn’t treat me like an entertainer. I will be like any other people chatting about stuff. For example, because my friend has a boyfriend, we would chat about that.”

She has also become the lead of many GIFs. She has also appeared in many fan-made flash animations by netizens. She has also saw on the internet regarding her, “Ahn chic song”. So He said smilingly, “I always find it very interesting when I see this.”

“Ahn chic song” is also known as “Ahn So Hee song”. This term cam about because of her sometimes stiff expression that she shows in public. We suddenly feel that this could be one possibility for her rapid rise in popularity.

Although a star now, she still uses public transport when she goes to school. She often takes public buses back home too.

So Hee has been giving pretty reasonable answers thus far. She replied to questions of what she and the Wonder Girls normally would be asked about. Compared to talking, she prefers to be a listener. When asked if she have heard any interesting stories recently, she gave it a thought before saying, “Don’t think so”, and then she broke into giggles again.

“Goal? I am not aiming to be the best or wanting to achieve something. I am just doing what I like to do. Hope that I can handle and do well in both areas of acting and singing. Also hope that this year would be as successful as 2007.”


19 thoughts on ““Ahn chic song and GIFs about me are interesting” says So Hee

  1. ANoYmOuS, two things for you:
    1. Learn to spell anonymous (you’ve been spell-checked by a 12 year old. How old are you again?)
    2. You should never post hate comments on a fan site. Its dangerous.

    What Sohee said about the paper “sleds” sounds fun! I wish we had snow in Texas…
    Anyway, I hope to see the Wonder Girls come back soon. I’m so excited for their American album!

  2. I hate sohee. She acts cute at the age of 19 year old. She looks more like a cat that has been squished by a huge truck full of blood. Eww. HATE WONDER GAYS. Go back 2 where u came from.. hell…

  3. pienso q so hee es lomejor megusta como canta imas q nada megusta muchisimo ella espero q algundia pueda platicar contigo seria lo mejor teamo muchisimo eres lomejor bueno adios bnita soy mexicano

  4. So hee is so pretty, … am planning to go in Korea just to meet her…i really want to meet so hee… i even made a shirt that has so hee’s and picture of her on it… am a BIG fan of her…

  5. Hi My name is So Hee it so funny that my name is the same as one of my favor fan is So Hee.
    I love the song so much most are nobody and tell.
    I also can sing all of ur song and i htink it really good

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