Sun Mi was an inventor?

4-Dimensional girl, Sun Mi from the Wonder Girls was actually awarded a prize from the Student Invention Exhibition when she was in Primary 5. This information was discovered by netizens and attracted lots of attention.

The information came from the “16th Korean Student Invention Exhibition for Gyeongsangbuk-do Region” excel spreadsheet, we can clearly see her junior high school name and her name, Sun Mi written on it. The information was discovered by netizens on the young inventors website.

Sun Mi’s invention is a device that you can use at home to measure your height. Sun Mi wrote a brief about her invention. (Credit to Luxtoraa for this)

I was always very curious how much i was growing so I built this thing. It’s easy to measure yourself at home and (her the text is too small so I’m not sure) with a plastic thingie you can note your height. Because it’s foldable it needs little space and it’s easy to store. Because it can stand up itself (?) you don’t need to hang it on a wall and it won’t sway back and fro when you measure yourself.

That probably explains why Sun Mi has another alternative mind of its own, even now. She is a pioneer and inventor at heart.


6 thoughts on “Sun Mi was an inventor?

  1. not only is sun mi really pretty but she is smart too?!?!?!
    wow,i agree with akon she is talented and charming

  2. she’s not only pretty, talented but smart.

    i’m pretty sure she will be a good scientist in future.

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