Mnet Wide Interview – Wonder Girls @ TBJ Photoshoot

Possibly their last interview in Korea before they start their overseas trips this weekend. This was done by Mnet Wide Entertainment News as they interviewed the Wonder Girls at their recent TBJ Spring Collection photoshoot.

The following are excerpts from the interview translated by kris.

This interview is unbelievably cute. Everyone talks at least once, even So Hee is speaking a lot. I LOVE HOW Sun Mi explained her name. Last name = Sun, first name = Mi. THey were so lively and cute. Adorable<3


Before Ye Eun came in the group, there was a little discussion about their stage names:

Sun Ye = Sunny
So Hee = Icy
Sun Mi = Berry

And then since Ye Eun came in, they just named her real quick.

Ye Eun = Silver.



a little translation of one part

Sun Mi: Everyone, please don’t misunderstand and ask the question “Sun Mi, what is your full name?”
Sun Ye: Sunmi, what is your last name?
Sun Mi: Sun
Sun Ye: Sun Sun Mi??
Sun Mi: …..
Sunye: Sun Mi’s last name is Sun, and first name Mi
Sun Ye: We used to call her ‘Mi~ Mi~’ But then it just turned to ‘Sun Mi!’

(Credit to meteorstarbb829, kris for YT & translation respectively)


18 thoughts on “Mnet Wide Interview – Wonder Girls @ TBJ Photoshoot

  1. Hey geuss what,my friends and others was dancing NOBODY-by wondergirls at school and their heigt was just like the wondergirls too.Then I was eating my cake then it fell down the floor because I was suprised and excitied of texting you guys.And I was suprised because I saw them dancing on the school stage I was suprised to see them dancing because they just told me this website and poof her i am texting you and they told me how they like you.They said they are your biggest fan and justin bieber’s fan.

    PS,and oh I am a girl.

  2. Really?, Sun Mi’s full name is actually Sun Mi? So does it means her first name is the name MI?

    hhhhmmmmmm ….. so it means she’s the only one whose real name is being used in their group?

  3. Ye Eun look soooooo cute!!!! I love her and she is a wonderful singer!!!! (She looks like my auntie who just got married!)

  4. YOOBIN looks so cute towards the end. it sucks we dont hear more from her. sun mi reminds me of mickey mouse lols

  5. that’s unbelievably cute! sun..mi…haha.

    and omg. i think i might not have become a fan of theirs if i heard sunny, icy (?!), berry (?!?), aaaand SILVER ?!?!?!

    ….whoever stopped them is my hero LOL.

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