Breaking news: Wonder Girls Guangzhou trip cancelled

After so much fanfare and anticipation of Wonder Girls appearing in Guangzhou, China over the weekend, a bombshell has just been dropped.


Bye Bye Guangzhou

According to some China fans, they have just received a message from Cyworld China organisers of the event saying that Wonder Girls will not be attending tomorrow’s concert and all activities involving them are cancelled.

The main problem lies with their visa (need it to perform) which wasn’t approved. Cyworld China organisers offered their deepest apologies. The event was first announced in September 2007 and its ridiculous that they never thought about processing the visa ahead of time in the four months. Wonder Girls was actually scheduled to be the first to perform tomorrow night.

The event will still continue though without Wonder Girls as all the other guests are visa-approved. What a bummer and I feel sorry for the Wonder Girls fans who were expectating to see them tomorrow evening! The number of fans might not be significant compared to that of DBSK or Super Junior, but still they were Wonder Girls fans who had done a lot to prepare banners, lightsticks, presents, etc and organised groups to fetch and see them together. They have scrimped and saved money just for this and now everything is left in tatters.

And not just the fans, Wonder Girls will be deeply disappointed as well seeing how hard they have worked at perfecting their Chinese and were ready to rock Guangzhou! Sun Ye especially would be very sad I figure, seeing how excited she was from her messages she posted at her Cyworld China minihompy.

Cyworld China Official Statement

Dear subscribers:

Hello everyone!
Thank you everyone for your long-term support for our Cyworld Charity event!

Because of issues involved with obtaining the visa to perform, Wonder Girls will not be able to participate in the January 19th, Guangzhou stop of our Cyworld Charity Concert. event Wonder Girls expressed their regret at being unable to participate in this meaningful event. But the Wonder Girls will definitely be back in other ways in the near future to interact with our Cyworld subscribers. Hope that everyone can understand!

Regardless, for our Guangzhou stop, we still have artistes like Alan Luo Zhixiang, Jacky Xue Zhi Qian, Ham Yu Hao Ming, etc who will bring you their exciting performances, please anticipate them. Cyworld China once again would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and seek your understanding. We will continue to bring you better and more events in future, thank you!

Cyworld China
January 18th 2008

Whose fault is it then? We shall wait for an official statement from JYPE in due course. It’s weird that this visa problem has happened since Wonder Girls had been to China before in April 2007 for their showcase. I believe that JYPE and Cyworld China both have a part to play in this mess because by saying that they had visa problems on the eve of the performance is simply ridiculous.

So with Sun Ye & So Hee now free tomorrow, will they go back to their Music Core hosting job tomorrow? I think unlikely. Most probably they will stick to the original arrangment of having Big Bang hosting it.


9 thoughts on “Breaking news: Wonder Girls Guangzhou trip cancelled

  1. Horrible news….do you think “visa problems” is just an excuse for something else going on?

    Because, like you, I can’t imagine it being something that trivial, especially with four months time to prepare!

    And maybe a special appearance tomorrow at Music Core? Just maybe? I guess that’s a long shot…. :/

  2. Omg! That’s terrible, I mean, everybody was waiting for them, they had trained so much, learned so much chinese…
    WG hwaiting! :(:(

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