From girls to women! Cosmetic Queen also ‘Tell Me’

Wonder Girls are in seventh heaven after their management confirmed that they are open to them endorsing cosmetic products.

According to JYPE management, “There are many offers that are suitable for girl groups to endorse from various cosmetics companies . We hope to find one that is suitable for Wonder Girls image.”

Because of their cute image, Wonder Girls have actually received lots of invitations from cosmetic companies to endorse their products. So Hee especially had been voted as the No.1 model that voters feel good seeing on a cosmetics-relevant website. The stock of the Wonder Girls has risen as a result.

The spokesperson added, “Wonder Girls are in the process of transforming from young girls into mature women. So for those companies looking for a mature and comfortable image, this is what Wonder Girls can offer them. JYPE has also considered and put in first place that the cosmetics that the Wonder Girls are endorsing must suit their overall image before accepting it. Wonder Girls have recently ended their first album promotion in Korea.


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