“Never really liked Tell Me image initially”, says So Hee

Ahn So Hee revealed some interesting stories behind the “Tell Me” mania.

In a recent interview done with NewsEn, So Hee revealed that, “I honestly never thought that Tell Me would be so well-received and loved by everyone.”

“Tell Me” was the follow-up song to “Irony” and the quirky retro beat of the former led to an unexpected “Tell Me” craze that swept the entire nation.

So Hee’s cute ‘Omona’ expression in “Tell Me” was especially loved and well-received by fans and she was elevated to the status of Korea’s Little Sister.

Regarding this, So Hee gave a honest reply.

“Honestly, I never really liked the Tell Me concept at first. The other members was also unsure if they want to go ahead with this.”

On the contrary, Wonder Girls members, Sun Ye, So Hee, Sun Mi, Ye Eun & Yoo Bin won the affection of everyone with “Tell Me” and even won the Best New Artiste for 2007. The reason for them getting so much love from everyone can be attributed to the hard work that they have put in over the past year.

“No matter how late our schedules ended, we would always end up in the dance studio and then proceed to rehearse the Tell Me dance at least three times and above. This was a pact we agreed upon when we debuted. Even if our schedule ended past midnight, we would still do it at least three times and above before calling it a day and going back to our hostel to rest.”

So Hee who has completed her promotional duties as a singer, has temporarily cast that to one side and assumed her new status as an actress. She would be showing us her acting potential in her debut movie, “I Like It Hot” which is scheduled to air this Thursday, 17th January at all Korean cinemas.


4 thoughts on ““Never really liked Tell Me image initially”, says So Hee

  1. i totally understand their initial apprehension. when i FIRST saw a live ‘tell me’ perf… i was like “WTF why did JYP make them look SO TACKY?!” and then the 2nd time i was like “hey, it’s kinda cute” and by the 3rd time, i was hooked!!! i think as a song, ‘irony’ is better but ‘tell me’ pwns all in terms of catchiness. obviously, korea agrees with me 😀

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