So Hee is scared of soldiers

So Hee of Wonder Girls gave a shocking answer when she was asked how does it feel to be performing in front of the army, “A bit scared.”

Last night on KBS 2TV, “Sang Sang Plus” variety show, one of the MC had asked So Hee, “What’s your feeling after having performing so many times in front of the soldiers? So Hee replied, “We either go in the day or night. If it’s night time, because it’s already dark, we can’t really see their faces so it’s ok. But if it’s day time, we can see their faces very clearly, and I am really scared because of that.” Her reply invoked a sea of laughter among the MCs and guests.

The MC pressed on and asked why is she afraid of them. So Hee replied, “Because their faces are all red and everyone is the same. (drunk?) They will all start shouting, Tell Me, Tell Me.”

The MC then asked if she have drank before, So Hee said, “I was very curious about it so I really much want to. My father said, ‘you can only drink this little bit that I am giving you’ and I drank that. It wasn’t nice to drink at all.”


6 thoughts on “So Hee is scared of soldiers

  1. ahhahehah…LOL…..she so FUNNY….go to love this girl!!!!
    “their faces are all red and everyone is the same”…ahah

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