Wonder Girls to watch So Hee’s movie together with 200 fans

Korean girl group, Wonder Girls will show their support for So Hee’s debut movie, “I Like It Hot” by watching it together with 200 fans.

According to a JYPE spokesperson, “This is So Hee’s debut movie and we are hoping that it will do well at the box office. So to thank the fans for their unwavering support for the Wonder Girls all this while, we will choose 200 fans through their minihompy to watch this movie together with them.”

So Hee plays a high school girl, Kang Ae who is currently experiencing puberty and her kiss with Kim Bum was the headlines for a couple of days when the trailer was released last month on the internet.

Wonder Girls will end their activities for their first album in Korea on January 16th and then fly to America to film MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 and also appear as guests at Park Jin Young’s concerts in America.


12 thoughts on “Wonder Girls to watch So Hee’s movie together with 200 fans

  1. i just like Yeesun,how old are you?
    I LOVE YOU<3
    i mad now i see photo of u boyfriend….-.-”
    My brother love Yobin:D
    i think she was sweety too…

  2. @Ub, there are no plans for them to meet fans in America. if u manage to bump into them onto the streets, you are lucky.

  3. IS there any news about em in America? like where they r nd stuff? i wanna meet them,

    at least they’r not gonna do a fan meeeting????

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