Sun Ye Message & Pictures @ Cyworld China 080114

Our lovely Sun Ye has left another message on her Cyworld China minihompy late in the night as we countdown to Wonder Girls overseas trip to Guangzhou.


This is what she wrote (2008.01.14 23:42)

Hello everyone~
Is everyone getting alone fine? We will be seeing each other this Saturday! Really very excited! I just saw the dance tutorial video that we recorded for everyone on Cyworld China, has everyone gotten it correct? All of you must dance it with us when the moment comes ok~! ^^

Heard that for this Guangzhou trip, two China fans will have the chance to show us around Guangzhou, not sure who it will be? I am really anticipating this!!

All of us have been working hard learning Chinese recently, hope that we can converse in Chinese on that night! But we don’t know how to speak Guangzhou language, so please teach us then everyone!! ^^ Heard that there are many nice food in Guangzhou, really want to dash over there right now!

How’s the weather in Guangzhou? It’s pretty cold in Korea this couple of days, so everyone please stay healthy! Wishing everyone to be in good health! ^^

Alright! It’s pretty late, I have to sleep now!! See you on Saturday!!
Goodnight ~~!

This is me

Our trophy for being No.1 on Music Bank five times!!

At Golden Disk Awards! Many thanks to all the people that supported us!!

Standing in the middle is our manager oppa after the awards ceremony, he stole our trophies, hehe, just joking~

When we were filming Baskin Robbin’s commercial, Yoo Bin unnie was being mischievious behind, I am the real leading lady here, hehe~

Aren’t we cute when we were filming the Baskin Robbin’s commercial?

Another one

Does everyone know this move? Right~ This is our “Tell Me” dance passion move!! When you do this, imagine yourself going to a place they have been thinking of for a long time, alright~~ let’s move now~~~!!

When we were filming, we said, “Hello, we’re the Wonder Girls~!!

Above message & pictures came from Sun Ye Cyworld China minihompy.


12 thoughts on “Sun Ye Message & Pictures @ Cyworld China 080114

  1. Oh I miss Wonder Girls ..
    WG >> Fighting …
    Is that Sun Ye cyworld china by her or by fan >> Wonderful

  2. its so nice of sunye to converse with the chinese fans!
    she’s so caring and beautiful on the inside and outside!

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