“Rather than Dumpling So Hee, how about Dim Sum So Hee?”

Wonder Girls member, So Hee gave her own opinion with regards to her nickname, “Mandu (Dumpling) So Hee”. 

So Hee attended the recording of KBS 2TV program, “Sang Sang Plus” recently which will be aired tonight in Korea and voiced her displeasure about her “Mandu So Hee” nickname. The various MCs on “Sang Sang Plus” said graciously, “Compared to dumpling, your cute face looks more like dim sum”. But then again, there’s not much difference between dumpling and dim sum in the first place anyway. (Dim Sum are light Chinese cuisine dishes)

So Hee said, “I really don’t know why my face looks like a dumpling.” The Sang Sang Plus MCs proceeded to setup a “So Hee nickname” movement on the spot to come up with suggestions and engaged in furious discussion. So Hee co-stars in her movie, “I Like It Hot”, Kim Min Hee and Kim Sung Soo was also present as guests and showed their great wit.

Besides the above, So Hee also revealed that she was a fan of Rain before her debut and also a fan of Kwon Sang Woo (TBC) and Choi Sung Hyun announcer plus other topics. All this will be revealed on tonight’s Sang Sang Plus.


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