Stars can’t stop praising everyone lovers, So Nyeo Shi Dae

Now why is this article here? Read between the lines and see if you get what I mean. No bashing please and just have to add that each girl group have their own strengths and that you are entitled to like whoever you want.

Stars have come out with words of love and praise for So Nyeo Shi Dae who created a “Girls Generation” storm last year. 

Not long ago, Haha revealed on a certain radio program without any fear, “I am a fan of Tae Yeon. Hope that So Nyeo Shi Dae will become really popular in future.” Woo Seung Min (All Lies Band) meanwhile also said on a gag show program, “Everyone (So Nyeo Shi Dae) looks really pretty and I feel good just looking at them. Hope that they will be more popular than Wonder Girls.”

So Nyeo Shi Dae cute and bubby character, pretty appearance, outgoing personality and cute persona suits exactly what young Korean fans are looking for and are reasons why fellow stars can’t stop praising them.


27 thoughts on “Stars can’t stop praising everyone lovers, So Nyeo Shi Dae

  1. why am i reading this? hehe.

    truthfully i am not interested in SNSD.

    i don’t even know who they are, they’re too many to memorize. :b

    i thought there would be a WG line somewhere.

  2. you cant NOT compare the groups…
    honestly….it’s not comparing apple and oranges, it’s comparing 2 female-idol groups in korea.
    lol, kinda hard to avoid a comparison like that.
    personally…i’m a fan of neither.
    if i had to choose..probably WG, their vocals and dance are stronger if you ask me.
    9 girls is def too much.
    too much hair and squeals.
    SNSD needs more personality and individuality.
    and did someone above comment on how “polite” they are?
    if you mean polite as in fake and sucking up…then oh yes. im in complete agreement.
    fake-ass bitches.
    and on the plastic subject – i don’t mind, i mean hwanhee had plastic..and i don’t find that objective…because he still looks like him.
    SNSD girls look really different from before.
    but then again. it’s not like i even remember their faces.
    someone can show me a picture of the non-famous SNSD members and i’ll have no clue if she’s even a celebrity.

  3. Amazing how the tables turned so quickly.

    And lol @ whoever called WONDER GIRLS rude, oh the fucking irony.
    That bitch must be butthurt to hell.

    Fucking moronic jealous cunts.
    Look whose on top now =)

  4. exactly 9th comment…becuz snsd is so outgoing and trying to be cute theyre r fuckin fake and irritating..makes u have goosebumps and wanna slap them…they r so shallow flirtatious and bitchy the typical korean bitch girls that i personally kno…no offense im only meaning it on those few ones that u would typically c on movies…i dunno snsd but they def gimme this impression and makes me wanna puke…lol

  5. I disagree about sohee maybe she does seem arrogant but how do you know that it’s tough her because she wasn’t even that noticeable before when they weren’t that popular know everyone is saying Ah Sohee omana so cute aigo things of that nature it can be too much

    Plus the girl is like what 16 she’s probably going to a stage people give her a break and she does smile and have fun she’s more open know then she was before when tell me mania or omana mania hit I think she can handle the attention better now she was I guess you can say unresponsive Now if you see her in shows or something she’s opening up more

    Don’t judge her by what you see on tv because that’s what fan see them in we don’t know the real them

    Anyways I like WG better than SNSD mainly because I like their songs and their fun to watch on tv

    SNSD not to take anything from them are good but not my taste and I agree the All band guy is very rude

  6. Honestly..its clear they like them becuz they are pretty.. I really don’t get why they say SNSD is the girl band everyone is looking for… I mean.. they need to act their age.. they are almost 20… no need to act as a ten year old. I f they want to be a global star then they need to be more mature… I like tae yang, yoori and hyo yeon… they are mature but there are times they act cute and bubbly.. its ok to be cute but not over react… by the way that man is MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who does he think he is… ‘hope they will be better than WG… as if…

  7. as the saying goes, comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges…

    …but about the 9 member tribe there… i like their chemistry off stage and they look like they have a lot of fun together… but theres just too many people, EVERYWHERE…

    i get dizzy everytime i see them perform… i mean 9 girls jumping around everywhere with puffy ass dresses is really distracting and sometimes annoying…

    and not to be a hater, i have to admit that the dancer girl is fire, jessica and the bubbly american export are very entertaining to watch…but for the rest i can’t tell them apart…

    maybe if they had a little more personnality group wise , they be more popular… or substract some of the girls that are taking too much room… its a damn circus… and being the female super junior isn’t a compliment…No suju fans are out to get me…AGAIN!! lol…

  8. 님들~~소녀시대로 갈아타지 마세요~~

    소녀시대 좋아하느니 이명박 팬클럽 드세요~~

    소녀시대 좋아하면 원더걸스 배신때리는 것 ~~

    이상 소희 남편 올림,,, 영어속에 한글이라 죄송 근데 재미있다 ㅋㅋ

  9. I kind of agree with Junsufan about So Hee… I think I remember her addressing the fact that she doesn’t always have a smile on her face so ppl think she’s rude… But honestly, if you’re on TV, if you are that successful, if your fans are supporting you, and if the whole country is dancing to your song, you really need to have a smile on your face. She looks like she’s mad ALL THE TIME. It’s a shame too cause she’s really pretty when she smiles.

    However, I don’t agree that all SM artists are polite. How do you know? Have you met them? I haven’t either, but just from what I’ve seen on TV and pictures on the internet, I certainly can’t say the same for Dong Hae, Kangin, Hee chul, Jessica, Chunmoo Stephanie, among others. Have you seen YoonHa’s Happy Shares Company episode? She said some really messed up stuff… If you don’t know anything about Korea, you probably missed it, but she doesn’t know her place. She’s like 2 years old and she was so rude to the PD.

  10. I think part of the reason why stars love snsd is because snsd are really polite ppl, like all SM artists. I’m not saying WG isn’t but compared to SNSD, they’re just not as polite. Like say..SOHEE..she always has this arrogant vibe during shows, always rolling her eyes. Ok, actually the rest of WG are pretty nice. :p

    and yeah, I’m more of a soshi(taeyeon) fan. SOSHI FTW!!

  11. I’m sorry but I find nothing cute about Sohee at all. Nothing.

    No I’m not a hardcore SNSD fan, but I like them better.

  12. SNSD yay~
    I’m a big fan of both groups (AND KARA!!!!).
    I will admit, I prefer Wonder Girls when they’re on a radio show or recorded…but not live. I think sometimes they still get shaky when performing infront of an audience.


  13. Woo Seung Min (All Lies Band) meanwhile also said on a gag show program, “Everyone (So Nyeo Shi Dae) looks really pretty and I feel good just looking at them. Hope that they will be more popular than Wonder Girls.”

    ^ is this what you mean by reading the line?
    it seems like WG is more popular than SNSD

    I’m both TaeYeon’s & SunYe’s fans. Love the 2 equally. so SNSD n’ WG rocks!! XD

  14. ahhh no need to bash snsd guys.
    they’re both really great groups in my opinion.
    they have different styles
    and are good friends.
    its stupid to compare the two.

    what all band said was just plain rude.-_-

  15. they got paid to say that!! HAHA

    -_-; Seriously that comedian or whatever either is being sarcastic because WG is very popular or he is just very rude…

    he got paid lmao

    being cute is something you are born with like so hee she doesn’t even try.. In fact she even makes faces like when people ask her to do the omana as if she is saying my god it’s not that cute. Unlike SNSD they try to act cute and sorry I don’t find them attractive at all.

    I don’t really know any other girl groups that targets 12 year old girls that has a big member group so that they’d be compared to them then wonder girls being that they do have different style in music…

    All I can say is that one girl who dances really good in SNSd would be better off in another group that is smaller and not a cutesy pop group… Cuase I like her and I don’t think she matches their style. I think SM just had to many trainees that trained so long and they are just waiting to use and dump them when they get old… :/

  16. this shit got me hellla fuckin piss snsd and wonder girls are 2 really different girl groups idk but i dislike snsd i mean i used to like them but i think there pushing the cute concept to much well chyea love wonder girls !

  17. The two groups definitely aim for two different audiences.
    I do not say this because I am a WG fan (and I constantly acknowledge that WG has a lot to improve on), but I really cannot stand SNSD. The only person I feel that has any talent whatsoever is Tae Yeon, and although Jessica can sing, her voice is very annoying. WG had surgery too, but SNSD… Some of the members look like completely different people. They are all very beautiful, but they have all had work done. The only thing that I can give them credit for is their dancing… Much more strong than any other girl group in my opinion.

  18. :/
    complete opposite of what I feel when I see them, I get irritated for some reason & no not because I am a WG fan. lmao…

  19. well i’m a fan of both and they both really are music and dance….so ya….
    but i think it wasn’t right for the gags to say:
    ” Hope that they will be more popular than Wonder Girls.”…..

    could have just say “hope they become more popular……”
    just had to add wonder girls….

  20. The more I watch them, the more I realize they’re both different groups! SNSD is going on the overly cute, doll-like bubblegum pop route whereas WG is more R&B/hip-hop road.

    They target different areas of music and so it doesn’t make sense to “really” compare them.

    Anyhow, to each her own.

  21. SNSD rocks!!! Well mainly just Tae Yeon, Tiffany and Jessica. They’re truly the girl version of super junior. Most members are really outgoing and is not that shy on camera, so they’re fun to watch, especially Tae Yeon. Music wise, I like both because they don’t do the same type of music.

  22. So Nyeo Shi Dae cute and bubby character, pretty appearance, outgoing personality and cute persona suits exactly what young Korean fans are looking for and are reasons why fellow stars can’t stop praising them.
    => very subtle lolz
    Im a fan of both and objectively speaking, what is said above is dead true 😀 Only a very few of SNSD can really sing.
    I’d say the 2 groups aim for 2 different audiences. WG’s music is very RnB-ish, SNSD is pure pop. Their images are also different. So sad that since they’re of the same age, they keep being compared o_O

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