So Hee was Rain’s hardcore fan before her debut

So Hee revealed publicly that she was a hardcore Rain fan before she debuted.

During the recording of KBS 2TV program, “Sang Sang Plus” which will be shown on January 15th, she revealed, “I was a hardcore fan of Rain before my debut.” So Hee transforms from singer to actress thanks to “I Like It Movie”. She also revealed what’s the reaction from the rest of the Wonder Girls regarding her movie role. So Hee said, “All of them knew that I very much wanted to be an actress and gave me encouragement asking me to do a good job!”

The program will be aired on KBS World for those who lives outside of Korea.

17 Jan 2008 (First airing)
Thursday 01:10 PM
19 Jan 2008 (Repeats)
Saturday 04:45 PM

Time shown are Singapore timing.
Program is shown two days later than Korea and thus not subtitled.


5 thoughts on “So Hee was Rain’s hardcore fan before her debut

  1. Yay! My favorite show! Can’t wait to watch it… I hope she wasn’t too shy and interacted with the MCs (unlike Lee Yeon Hee..that episode was painful to watch), even if there was a huge age difference… I bet Shin Jung Hwan was happy..Haha.

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