Wonder Girls are King of Kings on 1000 Songs Challenge

Wonder Girls have just become the “King of Kings” of 1000 Songs Challenge thanks to their two outstanding vocalists, Sun Ye and Ye Eun. This special 37th episode also had JAM, Super Junior, Jadu, Maybee among others as guests.

Ye Eun represented the Wonder Girls on the stage and faced off against Jadu who was a good vocalist herself in the semi-finals. Her first song was a trot number and it excited the whole studio. Following that, “Tell Me” music started playing and the trio raised the excitement level as they performed the dance.

Wonder Girls won the semi-final and went up against JAM who was a dance group in the 90s. Ye Eun once again showed her excellent vocals as she nailed down, “Into the Memory” and “I’m Your Girl” to perfection. The Wonder Girls trio also bought back memories of S.E.S as they danced to the song, “I’m Your Girl”.

At the end, Wonder Girls was proclaimed the “King of Kings” as JAM came up short and won the applause of Maybee and Super Junior. Ye Eun said humbly, “We made many errors as well but we had lady’s luck so we won the competition. JAM sunbaenim also sang very well actually.”

One of the JAM members said, “It’s nice to see Wonder Girls so hardworking, this will be like a New Year’s present for them.” The Wonder Girls who have won high popularity over the past few months thanks to “Irony”, “Tell Me” and “Ee Babo” will be leaving Korea soon for their overseas promotion.


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls are King of Kings on 1000 Songs Challenge

  1. love ye eun she’s my most fav out of wonder girls and her vocal is jus t so amazing. i’d like to take her as my role model since she’s so pretty, so smart, so good at singing <333333333

  2. Cheers to Ye Eun, she always had a strong voice but didn’t get to sing as much as the others. Their recent “Nobody” was good for her, she got the climax part and nailed it. I’ve heard her crack before, but not recently.

  3. Sun Ye’s always been my favorite Wondergirl because all round, she’s the best out of any of them.. But time and time again, I’m so impressed by Ye Eun’s vocals…
    She did great, especially Lee Eun Mi’s song. She should sing more R&B type songs (I know Lee Eun Mi’s isn’t) cause those kinds of songs really bring out her strong vocals… She sounded great singing “I’m Your Girl,” but kind of like “Tell Me,” her voice wasn’t really made for those cutsy songs.

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