Secret behind So Hee’s long silky legs

Well, taekwondo is the answer as So Hee learnt this technique from her kindergarten days. “I have learnt it for five years already,” says So Hee.

So Hee who is also known as “Korea’s Little Sister” offered this explanation and also told us some “issues” she have had with her body.

So Hee who has a round chubby face and has been nicknamed, “Mandu So Hee” said this came about because of her babyfats on her face which simply won’t go away. So Hee who will be appearing soon on the movie screen with her debut movie, “I Like It Hot” is however proud of her cute round face.

“Kim Min Hee unnie (her co-star in the movie) also appears slightly bloated on camera because of the same problem as me. Although she told me not to worry too much about slimming down since that is babyfats but I still find it too chubby. I sometimes do dislike the meat on my face.”

There are also other “issues” that So Hee has with her body besides her face. Despite So Hee’s young age, she doesn’t have a body that girls her age have but a body to die for with her petite frame and silky long arms and legs. This makes many people around her envious of what she has.

“From my kindergarten years, I have been learning taekwondo and the leg kicking exercises aids in growing tall. From young, my father would always ask me to do stretching exercises when I wake up and this has been a great help.”

So Hee who have enjoyed great success with the Wonder Girls thanks to “Tell Me” is anticipating a good box office for her debut movie on January 17th.


12 thoughts on “Secret behind So Hee’s long silky legs

  1. I’m from Viet nam.Wonder girls is number one. beautiful and…i love you… Wonder girls -> win SNSD ———–>lose

  2. so since kindergarten… it’s only been 5 years???
    lol jk but wow it does draw attention to her young age ^^;

  3. ggaaahhhhh i should’ve never dropped out of my taekwondo class!!! ahahha

    she does have nice legs. but her mandu cheeks RULE! 😀

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