“I like Noh Hong Chul, but only as an oppa,” says So Hee

So Hee from the Wonder Girls who have mesmerized lots of oppas gave her opinion about Noh Hong Chul who also has lots of female fans himself.

So Hee had attended the recording of MBC, “Come to Play” program on 11th January together with her co-stars, Lee Mi Sook and Kim Min Hee as promotion for their movie, “I Like It Hot” which opens six days later in Korea.

Noh Hong Chul who proclaims himself as an idol of young teenage girls kept on mesmerizing So Hee with his eyes and even asked her, “As a teenage girl yourself, what do you think of me?”

So Hee answer was a real surprise as she revealed her liking for Noh Hong Chul and shocked everyone. Noh Hong Chul became more confident after this and said that So Hee was shy because she is still a little girl afterall.

So Hee then said that she likes him because he is a very interesting person. MC Yoo then proceeded to ask whether she likes him as an oppa (elder brother) or someone she wants to date. So Hee replied with a dead-pan expression on her face, “Forget about dating, (he is) just an oppa that I know will suffice.” which had everyone in stiches after hearing that from her.

So Hee then said, “When I see him (Noh Hong Chul) on tv, his eyes are a bit scary (too mushy) but I don’t really feel that way now that I see him in person.”


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