So Hee spikes the ratings of “Come to Play”

The ratings of MBC variety program, “Come to Play” saw an improvement in ratings after So Hee from Wonder Girls made an appearance yesterday.

The three lead actresses from “I Like It Hot” movie, Lee Mi Sook, Kim Min Hee and Ahn So Hee attended the program hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee yesterday. The rating reached 16.0%, an improvement of 0.5% from it’s previous week episode. It was also the No.1 rated show for that timeslot.

Wonder Girls member, So Hee revealed on the program, “Because Park Jin Young lives aboard most of the time, he doesn’t quite understand the Korean gag culture.” This statement got everyone laughing.

Part 1 of Come to Play E178

If you want to watch the rest, visit PluePenguin YT channel.


7 thoughts on “So Hee spikes the ratings of “Come to Play”

  1. Could you maybe make a cut of that show abt her liking that guy and maybe do the translations as well? Coz i’d really like to wach her deadpan expression.

    Pretty please with sugar on top??

    Thank YOu

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