Wonder Girls – Tell Me & Ee Babo @ Music Bank 080111

The absence of So Hee today at Music Bank was the major talking point and it was because she had to attend her movie VIP premiere later that evening.

They were decked out in blue which is similar to what they wore at their last performance on Music Core two weeks ago. They also sang the same combo of “Tell Me” and “Ee Babo” then. Only difference was Yoo Bin had her hair down which was a bonus for Yoo Bin lovers, she looked great although her fringe was like covering her eyes. Sun Ye and Sun Mi did a great job covering up for So Hee lines which you wouldn’t have notice if you were watching for the first time. But no one can do the “Omona” like So Hee, not even Sun Ye, haha. Ye Eun was cute during “Ee Babo” as she put up her hoodie and looked like an Eskimo.

So their vacation is like just reduced performances to just one per week? They just said farewell on Music Core last week but next week they will be in China, so no farewell for Inkigayo? It’s a wise move to keep Wonder Girls in the spotlight at least until they depart for their overseas commitment. One performance a week isn’t too taxing but I think the girls are rehearsing lots behind the scenes for their overseas performances.

off-topic: Uploaders like MonMonsnow2, Quackii have stumbled onto making uploaded videos look HD-like which explains the high quality stuff recently. It remains to be seen whether Youtube will catch on to this and break it. Fingers crossed that they won’t and maybe help to make it easier for us will be better.


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls – Tell Me & Ee Babo @ Music Bank 080111

  1. I actually think it’s ok, as long as they don’t seem tired. I’ll miss them too much if they suddenly and completely disappear. I know. selfish. 🙂

    As for the HQ-quality videos…I don’t know how they’re doing it but it’s AWESOME! I LOVE IT! 🙂

  2. WTF i thought these girls were supposed to be on a well-deserved break!!! wasn’t the dance battle on mbc music core supposed to have been their farewell perf?!?!?! or are they just making their rounds and sbs inki gayo will be the official goodbye??

    these girls need to go home and rest up. they’ve been way too overworked >_<

    i miss sohee~~~ i want to see her movie SO BAD! too bad i’m in america 😛

  3. YOOBIN’S HAIR IS DOWN!! hehe love her real hair instead of that wig. she looks so pretty with her real hair. they should ve let her sing sohee’s lines in tell me just to test her ability to sing and since they didnt include her rap. sunye and sunmi did a nice job on sohee’s lines. =)

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