“Trot is my speciality,” says Sun Ye

Wonder Girls members Sun Ye, Ye Eun & Yoo Bin was on SBS, “1000 Songs Challenge” King of Kings special and once again gave a cute performance.

Sun Ye displayed her trot singing ability once again during the day of recording. Since amazing everyone last week with her trot singing, she frankly admitted, “I am kind of abnormal because compared to singing pop songs, I actually feel more at ease performing trot songs!” (Trot is oldest form of Korean pop music)

Then Sun Ye started joking, “I was very nervous last week but I feel relieved this week because I am not singing.” Ye Eun who will be taking the challenge in place of Sun Ye expressed, “I feel burdened since I’m the only one singing representing the Wonder Girls, but we will be the eventual victors.”

Wonder Girls will also face Jadu in a dance battle and all these will be shown this Sunday, January 13th on SBS “1000 Songs Challenge” at 8.25pm.


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